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    I used TIVO for years and left a few years ago to go to FIOS and then to CableVision and Altice One. Once you have TIVO nothing compares EVER.
    So in planning on coming back I called Cablevision (Optimum Online) but was told they no longer offer CableCards (single or dual stream).
    If I got the Bolt - it can record 4 channels at once but I am assuming that's with 2 dual stream cable cards. If I have to connect to a cable box what will I get 1 or maybe 2 channels to record?
    Does anyone else have a Bolt connected to an Optimum Online cable box? How many channels can you record? Is the picture quality the same?
    Any help is appreciated.
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    I had cablevision (have since gone to Fios) and family members still do to this day and we both used cablecards in Tivos. Depending on the model bolt you have it will either be a 4 tuner or a 6 tuner (meaning you can have a combination of watching live TV /recording 4/6 channels at the same time or recording 4/6 channels and watching a recording).
    I have had much more success going into a cablevision store and getting a cablecard - I just got one in the Randolph NJ store a few months ago. Walked in, asked for one and had it in 5 minutes. They only have one type of cablecard -so don't be concerned about single vs multi stream . I'm not sure what you mean when you say "does anyone else have a Bolt connected to an Optimum Online cable box" - the tivo unit replaces the optimum box. As an FYI - personally, I now have Fios and it blows Optimum away. And you can easily get a cablecard from Fios for the Tivo and its a lot easier to pair the cablecard through them as well
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    I would walk into a local store and talk to them. The people on the phone are fairly pointless IMO.

    I have 3 cable cards with them. Last one added 10 or 11 months ago. I had no issues walking in and getting one then. Last one I picked up was in the Peekskill, NY store.

    We have Optimum Select and have been pretty happy with the TV service for the 2+ years we have had them (switched from FiOS).
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    You need to get service under their Legacy Program. Do not take Altice One. If you have the legacy package with the separate modem you should be good to get CableCards.
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