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    I am wondering if there is a Tivo for my needs. I am looking to discontinue my Dish and go all Apps, Hulu, Apple, Prime etc. Is there a tivo that will allow me to enter in my Apps and details so I can get a guide in one place for all, making it a similar look to the Dish guide. I would prefer not to jump around to each app. Not sure if available. thank you for any help.

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    The closest you could get with a Tivo would be by adding your specific shows as a Onepass and accessing them via the My Shows list, but there's been reports for years about streaming Onepasses being out of date compared to the apps.
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    Theoretically, you could add Hulu, Netflix and Prime (that’s it, no CBS, Apple, Disney, etc) and have a list (not a Guide) of all the shows you set up a OnePass for.

    It would allow you to go directly to an episode. However, new shows and new episodes can take weeks after premier until they show up.

    I don’t know what an “app recording” is but you cannot record streamed shows.
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