Tivo as a Tuner?

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    I'll try to be quick and to the point, as I'm trying to get some recommendations on the best way to "fix" my issue.

    I bought a 32'' HD LCD Monitor for my dad that does NOT have an input for Coax/Ant IN/Cable IN. Therefore, I believe this TV does not have any tuners.

    Dad has basic Charter cable with no cable boxes. He takes the Coax straight from the box to his 10 yr old CRT TV's and has access to channels 1-99 with no guide. I'm guessing Charter cable is analog, but he refuses to get any cable boxes.

    I thought a Tivo might be a good compromise to use as a digital tuner. He doesn't really care about recording, guide, etc. I'm looking to spend as little as possible as anything close to $100 and I might as well buy a new TV with tuners.

    Option 1) Can he use any Tivo box unsubscribed to accomplish our goal of watching cable on this monitor? There are a few units in my area starting at about $15.

    Option 2) Is it worth it to spend $50 - $100 to buy a lifetime Series 2?

    Basically, he doesn't want to pay a monthly fee. I turned my brother on to Tivo and he has 5 Tivos on lifetime on his account already and loves it. I'm sure my dad would eventually come around and might want the Tivo feature.

    Suggestions please.
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    It's not a TV, it's a monitor. Does it even have speakers?

    Yes, as long as analog cable is all that's necessary.

    That all depends on what the $50-$100 dollars means to you and what you want out of a tivo.
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    Oct 22, 2011
  4. lillevig

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    If you use the Tivo as a tuner without a sub, then he will get a nag message each time he changes channels. You can go in and change the banner time to quickly disappear and that seems to work if you use the channel up/down key but doesn't if you punch in the numbers for a new channel. At least that's what I see with a TCD240 S2 box. One bonus for older (before Premiere) boxes is that they will keep a running 30 minute buffer so he could pause and rewind live TV within that buffer window.

    As for using the Tivo as a digital tuner, that requires an S3 or newer box and would likely require one or more CableCards if used on cable. OTA would not require a CableCard. In case you aren't aware, the CableCards basically replace the set-top box for decoding the digital channels on the cable.
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    Get your brother to put a Series 2 or Series 3 on his account and just pay the discounted $9.95 each month between the 2 of you and don't bother Dad with the details.

    Unfortunately Craigslist TiVos run about double in price where y'all are compared with most of the rest of the country. Washington, DC area listings are often dirt cheap.
  6. cannonz

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    Oct 22, 2011
    Does he have a VCR? Could use it's tuner till you figure a long time solution.

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