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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by TivoGirlP608, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I am interested in this also. We are new to Tivo and I am a bit more versed then the Hubby is. However, he was anxious to watch the new Shield episode from last week. I was 'cleaning' the tivo out and deleting stuff and deleted that by mistake. He is not yet used to the 'real tv' time and tivo time. And that we don't need to worry about real tv anymore.

    Now, I was deleting stuff becuase when I tried to extend a save time or program new stuff in, I kept getting a message that said something about the new thing overlapping an already scheduled program or if it were to be extended in its save time it would conflict with other programming. This confused me, because we did not have that many things saved or to watch....but I guess we did have a few on the 'to do' list. I just thought it would hold more before giving me that message.

    Now, I DID have a couple that were KUID and I didn't know that was a bad thing. Until coming here and reading and learning. So my question is how long can something be saved till it is seen and even after that. How are things deleted? I am a bit confused about that. We have a 40hr memory that I will upgrade this summer. I am loving tivo and the freedom it gives us and the ability to catch shows I wouldn't normally get.

    I was happy to get the Quantum Leap marathon and then transferred it all to dvd. I was even happier that when while I was playing the show and recording it to dvd, tivo had gone ahead and recorded the new episode of the Shield for us! Yeah Tivo!!! I didn't know I could do both until I was doing it. Tivo is awesome!!!
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    Well, having individual episodes more KUID is fine. It is just that the TiVo's scheduling engine gets cranky if you have many season passes (SPs) set to KUID (especially if they are in syndication and so many are going to be recorded).

    This is because, as you may know, in addition to telling the TiVo never to delete that program, KUID also tells the TiVo must record this program. Take an extreme example, the Star Trek The Next Generation reruns on Spike, those are 3 hours a day, every weekday! If you have a SP set KUID, then in the ~12 days the TiVo can see forward it expects maybe 30 new hours of programming that it must record and cannot delete.
    Obviously that is going to put a squeeze on the available space. And if you know that you are actually going to delete them long before that, it just causes a bunch of warning messages, about shows that can't be recorded, even though you know there will be space when the time comes.

    Moving on the the general question of when the TiVo will delete something. There are two things that can trigger the TiVo to delete a recording.
    The first is if you have a Keep At Most (KAM) limit set for a SP. If you told the TiVo only record 5, then it will delete the oldest episode as necessary to keep to no more than 5.*

    The other time the TiVo deletes items is when it runs out of disk space and something new is scheduled to record. At this point the TiVo will start deleting programs starting with whichever has been expired the longest. (If you haven't adjusted keep until dates, then this will be the oldest recording that isn't KUID). The TiVo should delete only as many programs as it thinks it needs in order to record the new scheduled programming.

    This means that if your disk never gets full, and you never reach a KAM limit, the TiVo will never automatically delete a program, no matter how old it is. I have personally had programs that were not marked KUID that had been expired for over a year that the TiVo never deleted, because it never ran out of room. (Because I deleted most programs as soon as I watched them).

    *There are some gottchas about this however, such as any changes to the recording options, or keep until date will cause that episode to no longer be considered part of the Season Pass, and it will no longer count toward and KAM limit.
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    How do we know that these photo's are real?
  6. ZeoTiVo

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    Jan 2, 2004

    Dave is usually accurate and would look for a hoax,
    but there was no mention of where the photos came from and they obviously were doctored to put that big green new on them
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    what I want to know is if this recently deleted feature is real, can we turn it off?

    We already have a confirmation on delete, I do not need another one. I hate clutter on my tivo. I like it clean and streamlined.
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    Nov 27, 2002
    Trash can icon belongs on all the TV shows.

    Should use recycle bin instead. Then all the garbage you record will be recycled. Also Mac users can complain that TiVo is ignoring them.
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    The problem with this forum is that you can't recommend posts. This was the funniest thing I've read here in a long time. Where is that :up: button?
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    I have no reason to believe they are fabricated. However, I'm removing myself from the business of releasing photos/info from anonymous sources. Going forward, I will only be posting items I've seen first-hand or that have been provided by an identified TiVo employee.
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    When TiVo introduced folders, you had to go in and tell the software how you wanted to set up your folders, if you wanted to use the new features at all, so no one was suddenly disturbed with new things if they didn't want them.
    We get so used to that confirmation that we buzz right past it, thus end up deleting things when we did not intend to. See for instance my previous post about deleting a Firefly episode I was intending to save to tape for a friend. Besides, this isn't another confirmation; it's just a folder where the show goes after you delete it. No further nag screens and no further bother at all.
    I don't understand this "clutter" objection. Assuming these screenshots are accurate, all it is, is just another folder at the bottom of your Now Playing list. One extra folder. What clutter? The "clutter" of deleted shows is hidden from view inside the folder; you don't have to look if you don't want to. However, as noted above, if TiVo follows its past patterns in introducing new folder features, this will be an "opt in" feature you can utilize after the software upgrade; I doubt very much they will force you to use this new feature if you don't want to.

    What would be nice is if we could set the duration for the "keep in the trash bin" folder option, ie, we could have TiVo delete the show right away, or keep it for 12 hours, or 24 or 48 hours, etc., depending on what kind of a "safety margin" we think we might need.

    Edit to above: by which I mean, the deleted show would go to the trash folder, but not actually be overwritten by new shows until a specified period of time had passed, that we could manually set, ie, overwrite after 1 hour or 12 hours or 24 hours, etc.
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    Thanks Dave, putting up TiVo info like you do on your site is a great way to have all the info easily accessible in one spot. Filtering out things that may not be accurate or may not see the light of day is important for us readers of the site so we can feel what we read is reliable. You took the right step in taking it down.
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    Another caveat or clarification about the following:

    "Moving on the the general question of when the TiVo will delete something. There are two things that can trigger the TiVo to delete a recording.
    The first is if you have a Keep At Most (KAM) limit set for a SP. If you told the TiVo only record 5, then it will delete the oldest episode as necessary to keep to no more than 5."

    If your SP is Keep Until I Delete, it will stop recording after 5, not delete the oldest episode.

    Also, as pointed out, if you change the keep flag, you can keep recording new ones. For example, we have BBC News scheduled to Keep At Most 1 show and to permit deleting. It will write over the slot each day, so there is at most 1 show on the TiVo. Well, if one shows up that we want to save, we simply change it to Keep Until I delete. Even though KAM is set to only 1, it will still record each night, even though there is already one BBC News on the TiVo.

    It's a great feature, actually.

    By the way, save for recurring news shows, virtually all of our SPs are Keep Until I Delete... but then we don't have full, regular cable where there are marathon repeats being shown (which could be handled in any case, if one only wants to watch new shows or is willing to manually delete various shows they don't want).
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    "One extra folder".....funny that...how many have added folders cuz their PC shows up on the NPL? Wanted that one. Had to have that one.....but a Recently Deleted folder is considered clutter??? :p
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    how about something where you could go in and mark multiple shows for delete, I know this is something the wife and I have wanted at different points in our own tivos
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    If any of you have a sony tivo, this may come in handy short term to undelete

    Here's the keystrokes I used on my sat-t60:
    1 go to now playing list
    2 Select show and start watching
    3 Anytime in show hit List on remote (goes to now playing list)
    4 delete show just watched
    5 Press Guide button to go to live TV with channel list displayed
    6 press Guide again to clear channel list
    7 press display to bring up channel banner
    8 down arrow to the bottom icon that is the message waiting icon
    9 hit select (goes to messages screen, mine currently displays no messages)
    10 left arrow from here as if going to a previous menu
    11 deleted show now starts playing at point list was hit in step 3

    I've repeated this multiple times on my unit with various shows. I did notice that it is specific to hitting the guide button and not the Live TV button in step 5. The Live TV button appears to clear the show from whatever buffer its in.

    Also this only works if you just deleted it, not at another later time. Sorry
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    pretty cool work around for the SONY TiVo... anyone know of a trick like that for TiVo?

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