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    Is anyone aware of plans for TiVo to integrate multi-channel streaming services like Hulu and DirectTV NOW as an alternative to cable service? In other words, to control channel selection, DVR and other operations on these services via the TiVo UI.

    TiVo still has the best UI and DVR available for OTA and cable channels. It seems that making a multi-channel streaming service like DTV NOW available via TiVo UI would be unbeatable. Clearly these streaming services will replace cable, so what happens to TiVo then unless the integrate with them?
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    I don't think those streaming services will ever allow it. You'll need to stay within each services environment.
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    I run DirecTV NOW on my Channel Master Stream+ dual tuner OTA DVR running Android TV OS. Nice to have everything in one box. You can also do this with Nvidia Shield and HD Homerun. Stream+, specifically Live Channels DVR app, isn't nearly as sophisticated as Tivo, but at least you can run some OTT apps on it (Sling TV is another one that works). It was pretty terrible when I first got it, and I was ready to throw it in the garbage. But now that they've fixed a lot of bugs, and I figured out how to sideload Netflix, Amazon and DTVN, I can live with it. Most other apps I can load directly from the Play Store (HBO, Hulu, Youtube, etc.).

    Technically, DTVN does not allow their app to run on the Stream+, but it works anyway, and they are too incompetent to stop it.

    One cool thing about Live Channels is that it integrates OTA and some streaming apps (not DTVN unfortunately) into one guide. So I have about a hundred channels if you include Pluto and a ton of international channels I added (I like BBC, RTE, CBC, etc.). I can even record BBC streams which I could never do before on any platform*.

    Having said all that, a Roku plus a universal remote is a much simpler solution. DTVN has a discrete command on Roku that takes you directly to the app. So one button press on my remote takes me directly to DTVN (via a macro that also switches inputs) and another takes me directly to Tivo. Can't get much simpler than that. My Stream+ is still primarily just a toy. I do all my important recording on Tivo and streaming on Roku. But I'll be ready to make the switch if/when the Live Channels app ever matches all the Tivo functionality I use.

    *Disclaimer: BBC and other foreign sources require a VPN. I use VPN Unlimited with pretty good success.
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