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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by beats1234, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. beats1234

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    Jul 23, 2015


    Has anyone ever been told that they have too many TiVo devices? I bought a Mini Lux and couldn’t get it working for the life of me. Under diagnostics, I get AuthenticationState NOT_VALID. None of the apps work. Live TV gives me V425. I connect to the Internet OK via both wireless and ethernet. I connect to my bolt no problem but it can’t find any recordings.

    I called TiVo and they told me I have too many devices on my account. They said there is a 12 device limit and I have 19. When I login, I do see my new mini but the rep said that it won’t work until I get down to 12. I was only seeing 14 in my list so I removed two Stream 4K units. She then told me I still have 17. So we went through all of my units (that she could see but I couldn’t, even under inactive units) and she removed five more from my account. She insisted that those would not be able to be reactivated under any circumstances. Those have been gone for years so that was fine.

    She was pushing me to make a new account, put one Roamio and some of the minis on that, but they wouldn’t be able to see each other. This all seems really off. How did I activate my new bolt like six months ago if it was device number 17? Anyway, she said it would take 2 to 3 days for the devices to drop off my account but guaranteed that my new Mini Lux would be working after that but I have my doubts.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003
    Yes, there's been a 12 device limit for some time (may have been as low as 10 in the past), and you'll find a number of posts here discussing it, and associated setup hassles. And it's a mystery how you had more than 12 devices and hadn't experienced any issues.

    (Though including Stream 4K's in the active list seems pointless, since they can't interoperate with a TiVo Whole Home system.)
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  3. beats1234

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    Jul 23, 2015
    Thank you for your reply. I searched device limit but didn’t see anything. The Stream 4Ks show up in active devices, so I’ll create a new account for those. On TiVo’s end, all of my old devices show up, too. I guess I was getting away with a TiVo crime until I tried to activate this latest Mini.

    Is it true that having them remove a device from your account will render it useless? I was told in no uncertain terms that the device would be removed from the system and could not be re-activated, which seems weird.
  4. kdmorse

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    There's nothing to stop you from exceeding 12 devices, but once you do, only 12 of them will work right. It doesn't really impact Tivos that just sit somewhere and do their job by themselves, so it can go unnoticed for a while. But Tivo's seeing other Tivo's, remote web initiated actions, TTG, TTCB, Mini's, all fall under the limit of 12. I have no knowledge as to whether the Stream 4Ks consume a slot or not (I would have assumed they do not, but I also wouldn't be shocked if they do). I'm sure front line CSR's aren't well trained about what 'counts', so they're just told to clean up accounts until total number of devices is under 12.

    But yes, once you cross the limit, activating a new Mini will fail.
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  5. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003


    If a device is removed entirely from an account, then it would be detached from any purchased service plan, I would think ... which would be death for older devices that can no longer be activated to a new account (Series 3 and older, I believe). And it’s possible that Lifetime service would even be lost for Premiere and newer devices.

    This is why setting up a 2nd account for the older devices is recommended.
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  6. Series3Sub

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    Mar 14, 2010
    Here is an except from the Xperi/TiVo User Agreement regarding number of devices and soft devices permitted per single account:

    You may have a maximum number of 12 TiVo set-top boxes (DVRs or TiVo Minis) and 10 TiVo soft devices (“TiVo soft devices” are the TiVo Stream 4K or TiVo mobile application per device) on the same Tivo.com account.
    Some TiVo DVRs may let you stream or download your recorded content to your mobile devices. The following restrictions apply to streaming/downloading your recorded content from a TiVo DVR:

      • You may sync a maximum number of 10 mobile devices.
      • You may only sync mobile devices that you own or control (i.e., no using your neighbor's iPad)."

    Summary and changes from previous User Agreement:

    *Limit is total of 12 Set-top DVR's including Mini's.

    TiVo instituted a change a while back increasing TiVo device (DVR or Minis) from 10 to the current 12.

    *A Separate limit of 10 TiVo soft devices such as TiVo Stream 4K including TiVo Mobile Applications (one per device).

    There is no mention in the latest User Agreement of the original TiVo Stream in this regard. In the previous User Agreement, wording was such that the original TiVo Stream device was specifically exempt from either device limit count. Also, the number of Soft devices has been reduced from 12 to 10 compared to the previous User Agreement, and the term "Soft" devices is a new term not used in the previous User Agreement.
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  7. JoeKustra

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    My account has two Premiere boxes in its Inactive tab. Both can be reactivated, but since I have 11 active, I would crash my account. A while back I activated one for a few weeks, then cancelled it again.

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