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    I have a mixture of A92 and A92 Tivo minis at my house. I recently moved a couple and was setting up the remotes to different TVs when I noticed there was a code for Skyworth TVs on one of the units. I was pleased since I have a Skyworth TV that previously I wasn’t able to use with a Tivo remote.

    When I got to the A92 mini on the Skyworth TV I couldn’t find the Skyworth codes in the list so I went back to an A93 mini to find the code. Obviously, the TV list is different on the two different minis. I tried to put the Skyworth code into an IR remote and it didn’t work. It did work with a RF remote. Just pointing out a minute difference between Tivo minis.

    Curiously, I set up a different A93 mini with the same software and it didn't have any Skyworth TVs listed.
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