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    I like to watch and record Good Morning America but all of a sudden for that show, TIVO channel list shows “Title not available” and therefore doesn’t record just for that show. It does play ok when I select it but it won’t record. I’ve rescanned and re-started TiVo and still doesn’t show on the guide. The other shows on that channel are listed. Any idea?
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    Is something seriously wrong with TiVo’s guide data?

    That thread has posts on the quality of guide data. The guide update yesterday only has data until 8pm EDT 3/24. Today may fill in two day's of data. There are more TBA right now due to sports/COVID-19 changes.

    BTW: SkipMode problems: Skip not available on shows recorded tonight

    I just had a service connection and next week's GMA is no longer TBA. Another place to check for problems:

    Tivo Customer Support Community

    It's updated "weekly". As if.
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