Time Zone off for 1 channel -- ???

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    I'm in Orange County, with Cox Cable and I have one channel that seemed to never have the right content in the recordings. After reviewing what I was watching, and what the Tivo Guide said was playing, I've discovered that the guide is 3 hours off.

    The guide is showing me PST but the content is EST (I need to tell it to record a show at 11, when the guide says it's on at 8:00 PM).

    Does anyone have any idea how to fix this, other than to call Cox or Tivo? Anyone seen this before?

    All other tivo's are fine. I've had tivo since 2002, and this is the first time I've seen this (maybe the first time I've watch the IFC channel (300) ? :) )
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    You need to call Cox or TiVo.

    Either Cox submitted the wrong lineup to Tribune for the channels they actually offer, which you resolve through TiVo or Tribune's Lineup repair process, or through Cox, getting them to submit the correct lineup, or supply the correct channel (the Pacific instead of Eastern version) for their advertised lineup.

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