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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by smoberly, Aug 6, 2011.

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    I am planning to disconnect my U-verse service.....DirecTV is not an option because I cannot get line of site. I have an HD TiVo and external hard drive I'd like to use, so Time Warner seems like a viable option. Since I last had Time Warner, they now have whole house DVR service. I have read about this on the TXC website, but trying to determine how and if this would work with a TiVo in the mix. Would I require the TWC whole house DVR in one room and then be able to use my TiVo in another? Will the TiVo have the full functionality of the other TWC boxes?

    Thanks for your help in advanceĀ—just trying to determine if my best alternative is TWC, or if I need to go the Dish Network route (with no TiVo). I can no longer count on U-verse, so I need a viable alternative.
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    TiVo will not control/communicate with other DVRs except another TiVo/PC.
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    'Correct, but the functioning of the TiVo itself is not impaired. Both it and the TWC solution will work properly, if independently. I don't know if TWC's "whole house" solution allows streaming or transferring to or from an external PC. (I suspect not.) If it does, then the TiVo and the TWC platform can share a video server. The TiVo, of course, can transfer non-protected files to the server. Note TWC copy protects everything but the local channels. You will not be able to transfer anything recorded on the TiVo to the server except the locals if the TiVo is un-modified.

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