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    I think bicker explained it very well
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    bicker: My question is this. For two years they billed me one way-- one Cablecard at $3.49 a month. Then overnight and retroactively two Cablecards at $5.24 each a month, or almost three times as much. So what changed? Were they billing me wrong before? I think not, since they referred to policy changing company wide as of August 1. Or did they perceive that FCC regulations changed? If so, where I can I see the FCC regulations, before and after? Or did they just say, "Screw the regulations, we have to use any means possible to increase profits!" If so, I want to see the regulations even more. Can you give me a citation or other reference to the FCC or local regulations that govern pricing for Cablecards, especially concerning the definition of "additional digital outlet"?

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    Pricing changes every year, including perhaps the structure.

    I would look into any kind of "retroactive" change. First, in order for a change to be retroactive, it would have to be applied to provision of service for a period after the announcement of the change (i.e., not just an updated bill for a future period), also factoring in any required advance notice (which may be zero). Therefore, it is possible that you were billed in advance for service at a rate that was superseded by a later price change effective to the dates (in the future) that service was to be provided. Without actually seeing your bill, all I can do is guess though. Second, if you really were billed retroactively based on pricing that was not legitimate to the period of time for which you were being charged, then you want to discuss that with a supervisor. However, do be sure you have all the of the details ready, so you can make a convincing argument that the billing is indeed faulty.

    There has been no regulatory change directly affecting pricing.

    Again, as I told you before, charges for an "additional digital outlet" have nothing to do with regulations on CableCARD. Charges for an "additional digital outlet" are not regulated (i.e., there are no regulations to find because there is no regulation on the pricing). It is an advanced feature that is completely subject to the marketplace, i.e., what consumers are willing to pay. If you don't like the fee for an "additional digital outlet", then restrict your service to a single outlet. (And in the case of a bulk discount account, such as a condo, that might mean that your condo has decided for you that there is no way to get what you want, in this regard. You'l need to take this up with them.)

    Regarding the federal regulations on the pricing for CableCARD, start with 47CFR76 Subpart N. You may need to go on from there... I don't have all the citations memorized. Keep in mind that in FCC parlance, CableCARDs are "Point of Deployment" (POD) modules. That should help you find what you're looking for.

    Just reminding you what the regulations require, to better help you find the regulations you're looking for: In the case of CableCARD, the requirement is that the average of fees, nationwide, must be reported, periodically, and is thereby subject to regulatory review. Also, the criteria for that review is affordability.

    In interpreting what you're reading, it is important to remember the fundamental principle of regulations: If there isn't a regulation on something, then the something is unregulated.

    Good luck in your search.

    My earlier offer stands, in case you wish to compare your services and pricing with what you'd pay for them here, where we have five competitors vying for our business.
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    They just charged me $5.70/month with an additional $40 dollar installation. Ridiculous. They have yet to even get me a tuning adapter, so only 13 channels are working, and I have their complete package.
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    TWC claims they go to great lengths to inform customers about TA's and make sure they get them. Did you check their website for info? Did you get a letter? Sounds like their efforts failed. Check **this** and file a comment if you want.
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    Thanks. They never mentioned a tuning adapter at all. I never heard of it until I was missing most my stations and found discussions of it online.

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