Time Warner cable in Milwaukee (or South East Wisconsin)

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  1. spolebitski

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    Mar 30, 2006


    Anyone here has a tivohd or tivo s3 and use time warner cable in Milwaukee (or south east Wisconsin). I was told that if I got cable cards I could only access channels 1 - 99 nothing above, all the HD channels are between 500 - 599, so before I buy it I want to make sure I will be able to get my hd programming. If you have this and are in Milwaukee (or south east Wisconsin) let me know your experience.
  2. nxtkitt

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    Apr 10, 2009
    check my other reply/post
  3. nxtkitt

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    Apr 10, 2009
    happy update!! So after I got the cable cards for my S3 with Milwaukee Time Warner cable a couple of months ago (before digital switchover), I was missing a few HD channels like NatGeo, Discovery, etc. I let it go because i mostly watch the big networks anyway and they all showed up. I ordered a Tuning Adapter for free from them online and they mailed it out in a week! When i hooked it up -maybe i just did it wrong- but it F'd up all the channels so i left it unhooked. Just sitting there.

    So a few days ago I noticed some of my HBO channels were now missing as well as Sundance. I call them up and miraculously get transferred to the Tier 3 people. Write that down! Talk to Steven K.(either Steven will do) in the "Tier 3 department" at (800) 627-2288.

    He explained that the digital switchover included some premium channels and I NEEDED to use the tuning adapter to get them back. He insisted that we go through HIS steps to hook up the tuning adapter to my Series 3. Kind of how you need to power on your modem first, then router, THEN computer... OK, fine. I was expecting disappointment - again. NOT THIS TIME! Follow this:

    1. power off everything and make sure the USB cable is NOT attached
    2. power on TiVo alone without USB from TA - wait until TiVo Central is UP
    3. power on Tuning Adapter w/o USB -once the light green light is on constant proceed
    4. plug USB to TA then to LOWER USB port on back of TiVo.

    give it a good 30 seconds. TiVo should recognize it and then "gather channel data"

    And voila! It worked for me. He said if it doesn't work, you may need a replacement tuning adapter

    I hope this helps someone. After you shell out the big cash for a series 3 you expect it to work flawlessly - even with those damn cable cards
  4. pcharrig

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    Oct 29, 2006
    I want to buy my parents in Milwaukee a Tivo HD for xmas. They have the Time Warner cable basic package, which I understand is called broadcast cable. They apparently get analog channels, plus HD local channels.

    Do I need to get TW cable cards for this? I have read conflicting reports here and elsewhere. I read that the Tivo couldn't connect to get the programming info, but wouldn't they be able to access the programming information via the wifi network?

    Thanks for any help. I have an OTA set-up with my Tivo HD, so I am not sure what to do.
  5. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001


    Yes, for "HD local" channels, *on cable*, you need cable cards.

    If you want to get OTA, you don't need them of course.

    You need the cable cards, because there is no 'manual mapping' of the QAM frequencies to the guide data info.
  6. tattoohead

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    Nov 15, 2009
    Maybe a little bit off topic, but not much.

    I have a Tivo HD with the Cisco Tuner. Everything seems to be going OK (except for the fact that I can't get any 'On Demand' stuff). One problem persists tho. In the Tivo guide, there's a few channels that are always wrong.

    Channel 2 lists something and is actually something else...I can't find a channel where the broadcast belongs...then a few more like channel 9 and a couple others.

    I'm pretty sure I have chosen the correct TWC (TWC Milwaukee - I'm in Kenosha, WI).

    Anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem? This has been going on since day 1, even before I hooked up the tuner.
  7. LoadStar

    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

    Jul 24, 2001
    Milwaukee, WI
    Kenosha uses a separate lineup from Milwaukee Metro. You guys down there have a few Chicago channels mixed in. Check for one named something like "Time Warner South -Digital (Lake Geneva)." (That's the name according to Zap2it.com, which uses the same guide data source as TiVo uses, Tribune Media Services.)

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