Time Warner Cable Dallas & SDV Newbie Question

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Joe Siegler, Mar 6, 2010.

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    My TA went bad a few months ago, so TWC brought a "new" TA. It worked for a few hours after the techs left, and then it started getting the "channel not available" message.

    I rebooted it and it worked for a few days and then started dropping channels again. The TA then got gradually worse and needed to be rebooted every day and then, every few hours.

    The TWC techs came to the house again and checked all of the wiring and signal levels and pronounced everything ok.

    I finally gave up on the local guys and called the TWC National Support Desk, and they were able to run diagnostics on their end and they determined that the TA was bad.

    I went to the local TWC store and exchanged the TA for a new one, hooked it up and it hasn't caused any issues now for two weeks.

    I think the tech that installed the TA had an old one on his truck and he just used it to replace the TA that originally failed.

    The TWC National Support techs can run you through the TA diagnostics and determine if you have a signal or noise issue. In my experience, they know a lot more about the Tivo/TA combo than the local guys...most of which are clueless.

    The National Support Desk number that I used is...866-532-2598.

    Good luck!
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    One more question for the thread:

    I understand that SDV apparently kills suggestions on S3's. Does anyone else have problems getting both tuners on the programs they want with live TV? It seems like even if I pause the show I'm watching I can't get the 2nd tuner onto the channel I want, which is REALLY annoying when I want to set up to watch 2 football games. Basically assume the following:

    T1 -- ESPNHD
    T2 -- craptastic world of cooking

    Pause ESPN to start it buffering, try to get T2 to ESPN2HD. Result:

    T1 -- ESPN2HD
    T2 -- craptastic world of cooking

    The only way I can get it to change T2 is to start T1 RECORDING on ESPNHD, then change to ESPN2HD. This wasn't really a problem before, so I assume it's an SDV thing where it doesn't want to let me change my background tuner's station?
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    ESPN HD and ESPN2 HD are not even SDV here in North Texas they share a fequency with TNT HD on 555MHz.

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