Time Traveler seeking Pioneer DVR-810-H Lifetime

Discussion in 'DVD TiVo Units (Archive)' started by jwillis84, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Dec 30, 2018
    It seems these boards aren't well traveled these days.

    But I've been looking into the Tivos that once had DVD recorders. The choices are pretty sparse on eBay right now and I was wondering if the Last of the Last is finally gone, or if there is still a hope that one could find an 810-H with Lifetime (or Tivo Basic Plus Lifetime?) at this late date.

    I've been lucky enough to acquire an RS-TX20, RS-TX60 and Humax DRT800 (but it only has the DRT400 image, I wish I could find an MFS of the DRT800 that supports broadband).

    I must say the Toshibas are (very) interesting and "fun" but the Humax not so much, as similar as they seem. Oddly the Guided Setup on the Toshibas was the hardest to get to update and then complete the Guided Setup. But the Humax seemed the easiest to get to update and then complete the Guided Setup (fingers crossed it remains so..)

    So with the Toshibas out of the way, and backed up. I've been looking at the Pioneer 57-H and 810-H the Tivo Basic is interesting.. but I think I'm looking for the versions with Broadband support in their drive software and the Lifetime subscription.

    I'm a little new at this, so I hope I don't sound too gratingly stupid.

    My interests are both from curiosity with regards to SD video, and because I'm converting many of my Dads old VHS tapes from SD video to Digital files.. and the TivoToGo feature in Toast and Tivo Desktop seem to still work pretty well. He passed away about ten years ago trying to convert many B&W movies that never made it to DVD to digital files.. and its a way of keeping him in my mind working on his project.

    Anyhoo.. I'm posting just in case.. and to rack up posting points towards (ten) so I can PM someone who might still have MFS recovery images.. or who might know more about this stuff than I do.

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