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  1. XS Entertainment

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    Nov 4, 2004
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    This may have been posted before but I did a few searches and could not come up with it.

    I record two programs on thurs nights from 9-10, CSI and now The OC which moved from 8p to 9pm recently. I also record ER but tivo has that starting at 9:59. I have not run into this as of yet since OC is moving this week and CSI isn't on this week. I'm being pro-active to figure this out. Any way I can manually over ride the start time for ER? I still would like ot maintain its season pass of only recording first runs. Any suggestions?
  2. tbeckner

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    Actually this is a know problem that has been posted to this forum for years. Many years ago, some of the networks used crazy guide data start times to screw up DVR recordings, and all it takes is a one minute early start time. It has been happening on Thursday for many years, because of ER and CSI. If you watch, it happens on other nights also.

    Since I get locals plus, east and west coast feeds, I have just setup my Season Passes to bypass the problem.

    If you have two DirecTiVos or east/west coast feeds you can easily bypass the problem, otherwise you will have to make a decision of which one to record.

    Additional Thought:

    In the past, some people thought that the early start times where there for other reasons, but they forgot that someone using a TV Grid in a newspaper or a TV guide or even thinking about watching ER, do not think in the terms that the program starts at 9:59, they think that it starts at 10:00 or see it listed in the grids as starting at 10:00. The minute difference is only there to screw with DVR record times.
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    You can create a manual season pass to cut off the first minute but then you get repeats or it records whatever is on when ER isnt.

    I've given up on this NBC show and download the show off the internet WITH the first minute and WITHOUT commercials. Mainly I do this to spite NBC until they do the right thing and start it on time.
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    I just set a season pass for ER, which will flag new episodes in the To Do list for me. I make note of the dates of new episodes, delete them from the To Do list, then do a manual record by date and time at 10pm. I haven't watched the first minute in a couple of years and never missed it.

    It may sound like a pain, but I found if you don't groom the To Do list every 10 days or so you'll always miss some program or another, or recording reruns in error. Just deleting the all the erroneously scheduled episodes of the Simpsons frees up 10 hours a week for Suggestions and resolves other conflicts for me. I always make sure I groom the To Do list right before I go on vacation as well.

    Have Fun!

  5. XS Entertainment

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    Thanks for the replies! I figured manual recording would end up being the way to go. Either that or give up a show! I do groom my To Do list every week or so. I find that you do need to do that. I was good til fox went and moved the OC. When you do a manual recording does it give you the ability to title it? I've never done one before.
  6. juggalojoe

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    Jan 8, 2006
    For Wed and Thursday. Waiting for 4 or more tuners.
  7. JimSpence

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    Two DVRs work great for those situations. :D
  8. balboa dave

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    Keep your original SP, and add the manual recording right after it in priority. That way, if nothing else is being recorded, you'll catch the first minute. Place The OC SP as a higher priority than both of the ER listings.

    The title that appears on your ToDo List will be whatever show is scheduled for that time, which in this case will usually be ER.

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