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  1. RACER27

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    Jan 8, 2012


    Will a new THR22 remote work w/ my new HR24 receivers?

    What will it do?

    What will it not do?

    I HATE my HR24 Remotes!!!

    Is THIS my cure?

    Where might I buy these new TiVo Remotes - that say DirecTV on them? I asked the CSR(s) - But they cannot answer my questions.

    Thank you...!

  2. litzdog911

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    Oct 18, 2002
    Mill Creek,...
    Yes, it will work. Some of the buttons won't do anything, like the THUMBS buttons. You should be order them from DirecTV. But the THR22 has only been out a month, so they might not be stocked with replacement remotes yet.
  3. HiDefGator

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    Oct 12, 2004
    I have to ask. What do you hate about them?
  4. ncted

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    May 13, 2007
    Durham, NC
    I can tell a couple of things I hate about my HR24 remotes:

    1. The trick play buttons are towards the top of the remote which makes it awkward to hold compared to a Tivo or Dish remote, and the different functions, aside from Play, are not significantly different shapes, so you have to look at the buttons to know what they do. After time, muscle memory kicks in, but it still takes me longer to find the button I am looking for than it should.

    2. The remote is just a big brick, with no contour, so there is no reference for the hand to know where it is on the remote when you pick it up in the dark. Both the Tivo and Dish remotes are contoured, which I like better.

    That said, the DirecTV remote is far better than the horrible button-laden thing the TWC offers.


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