THR22 Change channels via IP?

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    Can anyone tell me if the THR22 can be controlled via a computer over a home network like most other modern DirecTV DVRs can be? I came across an article a few months ago that mentioned a "dtvtune" application that works great with my existing receivers. It allows you to change the channel on the receiver via a command prompt, or in my case I've set up a task scheduler function to change channels at certain times during the day.

    I need to replace the HR24 I've been using for this though, and was considering the THR22 because I like the advanced search capabilities and "wish lists" the TiVo provides.

    Would anyone with a THR22 be willing to try this out and see if it works for certain? Or, does anyone know of another method that does work with the THR22?

    Here is the original article

    Part "C" is the relevant section.

    c. dtvTune.exe: This is the executable that actually sends the channel change request via HTTP to the STB. This is called from the DirecTVMultiChg.bat file and should be installed in your SageTV\SageTV directory. The command line usage is

    dtvTune.exe -ip <IP address> -channel <channel number>

    Note that this executable does require the .NET 4 Framework. If you don't already have that installed, you can get it from Microsoft here.
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    Yes, I believe so, I was able to schedule a recording on my THR22 online while traveling and it was recorded when I got home.
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    Scheduling remote recordings isn't the same as IP control of the tuner.

    I tried dtvtune.exe on my THR22. No go - the utility complained that it did not get a response from the device (and the channel didn't change.) This is the outcome I was expecting.
  4. cp2k

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    Mar 15, 2004
    Thank you Steve, that was the info I needed.

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