This is why Tivo never was or will be mass accepted.

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    Thanks for pointing this out. I had read a VZN product spec earlier that did not elaborate.
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    That's what I had posted earlier in this thread as well (plus the 1TB drive space on each) :)

    This is why Tivo never was or will be mass accepted.

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    Sep 7, 2013
    I am on Comcast and I got my cable card in 2012 for my XL4. Replaced it with a Roamio Pro in 2013 and I went back and forth with no problem while I was testing them both side by side before I turned in the XL4 (dog). The 877-405 number people know what they are doing (most of them anyway). Still using the same card!
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    I'm on Comcast and have been using the same CableCARD since mid-2011. It was in my TiVo HD (now retired due to lifetime transfer) and now it's on my Bolt+. Don't recall any problems w/pairing it to either unit.

    Prior to that, starting in late 2009, I was using a CableCARD w/the above TiVo HD on Verizon FiOS. Tech had to come install the ONT, run coax, disconnect Comcast feed, etc. The first CableCARD he tried had some issue so he had to get another. Everything worked fine for a long time until it seemed like there was a major outage of most channels. I and others here on TCF fought with this and I had to take a day off from work to deal w/the mess. We later figured out that prior to transitioning FiOS to Frontier Communications, VZ decided to turn on copy protection on some channels and decided to suddenly require pairing of CCs (they never did either before), which hosed us.

    Anyway, eventually after customer service figured out what to do and walked us thru it (which apparently paired the card), things eventually were fine and Frontier took over our service. Was very frustrating.
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    Cable Card came with my cable companies own box... So complaining about the CC as the issue makes no sense. The same card in the Cable CO's box is also in my TiVo... However one must be programmed as a Two-way comms to provide the On Demand and pay perview. The TiVo is only One way..

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    TiVo's on Comcast and Cox provide the 2-way communication through apps that those cable providers have written for TiVo. The Comcast one still uses the CableCARD to tune to an On-Demand channel and provide access. I think someone here mentioned that the Cox app provides On-Demand via IP streaming.


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