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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by David&Debbie, Oct 2, 2007.

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    Oct 2, 2007


    We have House on a season pass, and have for the past year. It's worked fine up until a few weeks ago, when it stopped recording the episodes. If we manually go to the correct channel and tell it to record, it says the recording is in progress - but it's not. We have to manually tell it to record each time. We missed the season opener because of this - we realized twenty minutes into the program that it wasn't recording and since we had been watching another channel, it was too late to get it so now we've got to wait for the rerun on another channel. We got the second episode tonight because we sat there and waited for it to come on and told it to record. If we go to manage season passes it says House is set up properly - there are two channels that House comes on here and both are set to record but neither one works. This is our favorite show so this is just AWFUL. We're not sure if this same problem happens with other shows because this is the only one we've got set to record. What's wrong?

    Debbie & David
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    Have you tried a restart?
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    Sep 28, 2007
    I've had this problem many times.. For example, I have a season pass for The Soup at 10pm on Friday but lots of times I'll be sitting at my computer, notice that it's past 10 and it's not recording or recording something else. Even though it was surely on the "To Do" list. Best I can say is that make sure the other season passes you have don't have episodes that are going to conflict with it's airtime. Cause I've noticed that if there are two shows I have on season pass and episodes conflict with each other, Tivo will record what has more thumbs up. This is just my observation though which may differ from yours. Restart your box like the previous fellow said and give that a try.. Some times the software just needs to be refreashed... Hope you can figure out the problem cause I know how annoying it is
  4. petew

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    Go to To Do LIst/Recording History if House was set to record but didn't recording history will explain why. If House wasn't intentionally not recorded delete both season passes and re-create them. The go to "show upcoming episodes", episodes that will be recorded should have a double check against them.

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