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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by TinKC, Jun 14, 2011.

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    I just wish TiVo would really make streaming its priority, not just partners but the whole internface and how one moves between DVR and streaming that should be a seamless experience something similar to Google TV can move from Dish DVR to the streaming content, then all one would need is a TiVo for everything, which is NOT the case right now. Far too many people are NOT looking for a DVR, but a streaming box and those folks just don't see TiVo as a streaming box. At the way things are going now, it is clear that the TiVo course is set to dump the retail end and just provide for and serve the MSO's. That would be a sad day with a good chance of TiVo ceasing to exist soon after that. Marketing TiVo as the streaming device seems like the only way to save the retail business because TiVo sure doesn't believe there are enough of us to gobble up the Quad boxes.
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    If this was 2 years ago I would agree with you on steaming. However at this point the ship is sailing on TiVo being able to pick-up additional sales because of streaming features.

    Just look at what you get in a new TV, blu-ray player, or game console and you will see what I mean. For legacy equipment you have Roku at $80. Even if TiVo did streaming as good as a Roku or a new TV or blu-ray player why would anyone pay for the extra cost of a TiVo just for streaming?

    So unless someone is brain dead they are primarily paying for a TiVo because they want a great DVR. I do agree that if TiVo had done the Premiere right from the start they might have been able to pick up some people who were on the fence because of streaming features, but again going forward I just don't see it adding sales, Internet streaming is in everything now. TiVo will have to maintain Internet streaming for appearances sake but I doubt it will actually add sales.

    In my view TiVo will sink or swim based on what they offer as a DVR. Hopefully they will continue to provide great DVRs to both the stand alone market and to the Cable/sat companies, only time will tell.
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    I have been doing doing OTA and Netflix for about 8 months, and love it. OTA took a little tinkering, but I get 14 English speaking stations, plus all their sub stations. Netflix works great for me; some people do not like the interface, but I think I would always want to manage my queue on a keyboard and computer anyways. And finally, ESPN3 carries a lot of live sports. This is done through my XBOX, and has DVR functionality. I do miss some cable stations, but I do have more programming recording than I could possibly watch...

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