The Walking Dead - S10E2 - "We Are the End of the World" - 10/13/19

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  1. SoBelle0

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    Maybe I just didn't want to know more of the backstory on Alpha, et al. Am I supposed to care about them now? Didn't we always know that she was a terrible person from the start?

    The chanting was even creepier than the masks.

    My friends saw Lauren Cohen at the mall yesterday afternoon. Is she coming back? I don't want to google... but, I do kind of want to know. :cool:
  2. Rob Helmerichs

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    Oct 17, 2000
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  3. Deja-vue

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    That about sums up this Episode.
    Reminded me of Season 2.
  4. robojerk

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    Off topic, I read 1 little thing about the
    The Walking Dead on Twitter. Now it seems my feed always has some bot accounts on there. So many bots, view their profiles, nothing but #TWD posts.

    Screw you AMC..

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