The Walking Dead 'Remember' S05E12 3/1/15

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    JohnB1000 Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2004
    After reading a recap I was reminded of what there has not been much discussion of here.

    Rick's comment at the end about taking the place if necessary. That would be a shift.

    I can't see the town throwing out Enid's parents and keeping Enid - their child.
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    justapixel Domestic Extremist Staff Member

    Sep 27, 2001
    The Nanny State
    My take on the girl is that she, like Carl, lived outside. Growing up killing walkers, being near death often, you probably have an adreneline rush living like that. It's hard to feel safe again. The kids who were out there are going to find life inside walls too tame since they have been fighting for most of their lives and don't remember safety. So the girl goes out to kill walkers and get that "rush" again. Carl not only saw his mother die, he killed her. He HAD to be the one. You don't play video games in the suburbs after that.

    Loved how smart Carol is. Junior League! Sweathers and Khakis! They are all so nice to have taken care of the little den mother. :) Cracks me up. Somebody is getting a shock down the road.

    I am surprised people thought Rick's encounter with the husband was a dream. It's clearly a setup for a future problem. All is not well in paradise, the congresswoman's son is a self-important d-bag, thinking he can even torture zombies. This husband is jealous of fresh blood, the girl doesn't WANT to feel safe always....Deanna knows they are weak and wants these people to protect them, but it is likely to turn out bad for her.

    I fear that this time, we don't have to worry about our clan. We have to worry about the good people of that town, as I think that Rick will definitely take it over if he feels the need. If they all push him too much, they are going to lose, not that group.

    Should be a fun run up to the season finale.
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    justapixel Domestic Extremist Staff Member

    Sep 27, 2001
    The Nanny State
    She was pretending she didn't know how to handle it. To go with her den mom persona!
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    Bierboy Seasoned gas passer

    Jun 12, 2004
    Fishers, IN
    Yeah, that's what I think of him, too....
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    TeddS Obfuscator

    Sep 21, 2000
    Prediction (going out on a limb here) - the 4 people who died prior to the team's arrival? Not dead. They've left and joined with the bandits (the "wolves" who wiped out Noah's home town). I base this prediction mostly on the appearance of the possum at the beginning of this episode. I think the writers like to sneak in little hints like that, and these supposedly "dead" character are actually "playing possum".

    Darryl, as the perpetual outsider, will be the one to figure this out.

    Oh, and Enid is probably going out to feed info to the bandits, specifically about the arrival of the new guys.

    Rick and team will soon be teaching the town residents how to defend themselves, to toughen them up.
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    markz Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2002
    Like in The A-Team?
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    JLucPicard Active Member

    Jul 8, 2004
    West St....
    For those who watched the associated Talking Dead episode,

    Chris Hardwick teased an Easter Egg that we might have missed, then came back from commercial with the South African wardrobe gal. Was the Easter Egg the meaning of the Latin on Rick's new uniform? ("We will rise" or something like that)? I seriously doubt that anybody could even see that on his arm badge. But there didn't seem to be anything else mentioned after that segment that was Easter-Eggy. What did I miss?
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    TeddS Obfuscator

    Sep 21, 2000
    I was thinking more of Seven Samurai, but that too. :)
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    JLucPicard Active Member

    Jul 8, 2004
    West St....
    When I first saw the supports on the outside of the fence, I had kind of a "Huh?" moment. But given how sturdy they seemed and the seeming fortitude of the walls themselves, I was ok with that. The walkers don't seem strong enough to knock the supports out from the side or anything, and they have no cognitive ability to try to defeat them or climb them or anything like that.

    I just figured it saved them a lot of room on the inside, especially given how close the walls were to some of the buildings.

    Just one non-engineer's take on it.
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    Jstkiddn Shutity up up up

    Oct 15, 2003
    Glad to know it wasn't just me confused about that.
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    heySkippy oldweakandpathetic

    Jul 2, 2001
    Sarasota, FL
    I was thinking more like The Magnificent Seven, but ...

    oh, wait.
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    Philosofy Super Duper Member

    Feb 21, 2000
    I think I know where this arc is going. At the end of it, the people in town will be the good guys, and Rick in company will be the bad guys.
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    TeddS Obfuscator

    Sep 21, 2000
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    spartanstew Thanks 4 the Update

    Feb 23, 2002
    Wylie, Texas
    I can't see how it's possible for anyone to have "come across" that gun that was inside a blackened blender amongst a bunch of other garbage in a trash heap.

    Whomever has it, must have been watching when Rick put it there.
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    getreal postcrastinator

    Sep 29, 2003
    I am pleasantly surprised that I have not been reading a bunch of posts complaining about this episode being dull due to lazy writing and FFWDing through everything! :up::)

    I would have expected everyone in Grimes' Grimy Gang to each enjoy a long hot shower, even if they had someone stand guard outside the bathroom to comfort their paranoia.

    My guess is that the congresswoman's hubby was one of the exiled three who will plan their vengeful return.
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    madscientist Deregistered Snoozer

    Nov 12, 2003
    Lexington, MA
    No politics allowed on these threads. There are plenty of other places you can go to discuss your opinions of the President. Thanks.

    Hm. Those guys would have to be really lame to have 4 of their people disappear and not even verify that they're dead.

    Personally I think he just forgot to tell us about it, or ran out of time.
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    DevdogAZ Give 'em Hell, Devils

    Apr 16, 2003
    I think it will be an inside force: Rick and Co.
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    Beryl Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Feb 22, 2009
    Maybe someone with authority will clean the poop out of the pool.
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    wedgecon Just Plain Awesome TCF Club

    Dec 28, 2002
    Vancouver, WA
    Chris Hardwick tweeted that the Latin Phrase was the Easter Egg. Apparently the Governor used the "We Will Rise Again" phrase in Season 3
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    Alf Tanner

    Alf Tanner Tivo Dude

    Jan 18, 2014
    At least a...
    That's what I think is going to happen as well. Ricks character has a lot darker traits than before they have to expand on those at some point don't you think?

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