The Walking Dead OAD 10/12/14 "No Sanctuary"

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    Apr 16, 2003


    I was simply saying that since I don't get WD until 9 pm PT and TD until 10 pm PT, and since I never watch live, I wouldn't be able to start the thread for the next episode because I won't see it until at least 3-4 hours after most everyone else.
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    The TD/Wd thread handling is not like the GoT ep/GoT Book reader thread at all.

    In one situation you have an ongoing thread for people who have spoiler knowledge to discuss actual spoilers. In the other situation you have people commenting on information that pertains to that week's episode, by people talking about that week's episode. There are no spoilers, it is not off topic, and in no way harms their viewing experience for the Walking Dead. The main complaints are 1. "I don't watch that show," and 2. "The Rules!!!"

    I rarely watch TD. I discuss it even less. When I see people posting stuff from TD I find it interesting.

    When I post something from TD it is so far and few between I am not going to go start another thread for it. I can be respectful enough to spoiler it in the show thread. But I will stick to my earlier assertion. A separate thread is stupid. There is not enough discussion from TD to garner its own thread, and it is quicker and easier for all involved for the TD viewers to just drop a spoilered post in the show thread. Its a compromise, since the TD stuff is not actually spoilers, and it allows conversation to continue with the least amount of fuss.
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    Rules can be changed. Exceptions can be made. I'm a moderator on a fairly active forum, and we always try to listen to what the community is saying. If enough people think a rule should be changed or tweaked, it's definitely something we will give a lot of thought to.
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    Except for the fact that it isn't like this at all.

    since TD is based just on the WD universe from that episode prior.

    Where as GoT Book is future knowledge.

    I for one really like the TD references - as I don't feel like watching it but love the feedback from people who do.

    the analogy of TD like blog posts from Survivor on Entertainment Weekly is a prime example of it. And I love that, if you so chose you can go read it and participate with that knowledge as well.. Or don't. There is nothing spoiling about it.
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    Yes, we agree. I think you misunderstood what I posted.
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    Aug 22, 2003
    And those termites are nothing if not humane.


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