The Walking Dead - "Beside The Dying Fire" - OAD 3/18/12 *Season Finale*

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    The problem with most police radios is that they operate on a repeater system. Which means the handsets (and car radios) transmit to a tower and that tower repeats that transmission over a much larger distance. These towers mostly operate autonomously but they require electricity. Since the power grid went offline so long ago, any battery backups would have long been drained. So any time they try to talk with the radios, they would be talking to a dead tower.

    That shouldn't stop them from finding an alternative though. CB radio would be great for vehicle to vehicle communication. They make hand held CBs but they suck. Another alternative would be FRS units but they have a limited range. Still, better than nothing.

    One major down side I see to using unsecure radios (CBs and FRS) is that they are broadcasting in the clear. Meaning anyone else that has one of those radios and on the same channel can hear them. This could be good and bad. Good to know there is someone else out there. Bad if it happens to be Randall's gang of 30.
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    I'm not saying they have to think clearly as situations arise, and plans going disasterly wrong, it just seems like there is no planning at all. The whole scene when Lori crashing her car, and no one knows where she was. The scene could have been almost frame for frame identical, if they had radios (CB or otherwise) for example.
    • Rick, Glenn, and Herschel are at the bar, when the others arrive. Rick turns off radio because he doesn't any info to be accidentally given to the 2 guys they meet in the bar. Rick eventually kills them.
    • Lori for some reason gets a bug up her ass about Rick needing to be back at the farm. Radios him, no response. She tells Shane, but he says something like "Rick's a big boy and can take care of himself, Shane needs to protect her". Upset, she gets in car and drives off alone so Shane wont stop her, gets in accident. Or not, I think the writers want us to think shes stupid and irrational.
    • In the process of trying to get out of town, Rick either forgets to turn radio back on, or doesn't want Shane and Daryl to leave the farm unprotected and opts that his group just try to escape.
    • Lori wakes up, radios shes in car crash, Shane flips out comes to her rescue, still no word from Rick.
    • Everyone gets back home safe, Lori is upset that Shane rescued her instead of Rick.
    • Shane yells at Rick for being a bad protector of his wife and child

    Edit: I'm probably thinking too much about this... I just wanted to iterate that they could be a little more pro active but have the story be exactly same.
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    Mar 31, 2006
    The big problem with radios? Power. They don't have electricity anymore - how are they supposed to power these things? If they're using batteries, they'll burn through their supply in no time if they leave them on all the time.

    That's the reason that Rick only turns on his radio once a day to communicate with Morgan - to conserve power. That said, they should still keep them around (and off) for emergencies like this episode.
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    What about CB Radios in the cars??
  5. Hank

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    Answer: small, gas-powered generators.

    Herschel already had a generator running in the barn for power to the house.

    All they needed to do was to find a big gas truck somewhere and drive it to the farm/prison. Or maybe the prison already has an ample fuel supply.
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    I don't think it was a planned meeting was just the only other place that they all know about. Plus they did leave supplies there.

    They had no "bug out" plan.
  7. Hank

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    May 31, 2000
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    Or even propane generators. There has to be a huge stash of available propane tanks that they can scavenge in these little towns. Liquid propane has a very long shelf life.
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    I'm a good shot with a rifle, and I can consistently hit a head sized stationary target from a good rest at 400 yards (with minimal wind).

    Assuming the walkers are headed towards the shooter, their heads won't be stationary, but they won't be moving too much, either. So let's just estimate that a better shot than me could consistently hit a walker in the head at 400 yards or less. One could argue that they could start shooting further out, but I'm operating under the assumption that ammo is somewhat scarce, and you don't want to shoot unless you think you can hit the target.

    Let's estimate the walkers' speed at 1 mph. At that speed, it takes 818 seconds to travel 400 yards (that's just under 14 minutes). If the shooter can take one aimed shot every 5 seconds, that's a total of 163 dead walkers before being over run. I'm assuming reloading time is averaged into the 5 seconds number.

    This also assumes the walkers are in a phalanx-like line, which realistically they wouldn't be. So the actual number is probably even higher. If you could prep somewhat ahead of time and put out some range indicators and wind flags, you could probably go until your barrel melts.

    Or give me a bolt gun for anything over 50 yards, and the previously mentioned M&P 15-22 for close in work, and a couple sandwiches, and I'm ready for my 8 hour shift on the water tower.
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    Sep 20, 2006
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    Most supplies of accessible fuel, guns, ammo, etc. have likely already been picked through. Their group aren't the only ones out there trying to survive. Besides, it's not like they have a lot of man power either. Rick, Glenn, T-Dog, and Darryl would have to do most if not all of that work. That leaves Lori, Carol, Herschel, Carl, Maggie, and Andrea. Outside of Andrea, I really wouldn't want any of them having my back out in the ****. There's also the little matter of all of the dead people out there trying to eat you, not to mention, the other humans trying to survive (hello Randall's friends). The farm looks like it is in the middle of nowhere, not likely to have stockpiles of much of anything nearby.
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    I liked this:

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    Not disputing any of your numbers, but this show has shown that walkers "in hot pursuit" are capable of a pretty quick shamble. So maybe bump that up to 3 mph or so. Plus their heads are going to be lurching side to side quite a bit.
  12. MrGreg

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    May 2, 2003
    You're right in that if they're actively chasing prey, they probably are moving closer to 3 mph. The 1 mph estimate was for a general herd not chasing a specific target. Have we ever seen walkers actually run?

    As to their heads moving side to side, I'm giving the benefit of the doubt to someone who's a better shot than me to make the hit within 400 yards. Again, the amount of side to side movement is probably very dependent on how fast they are moving.
  13. danterner

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    Mar 4, 2005
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    I'm pretty sure there was a scene in an early episode in downtown Atlanta where we saw them moving at a decent clip and one even scaled a fence. But generally they're of the slow shambling variety in this show. (I definitely remember the fence, not so sure about the speed at which it was approached).
  14. Rob Helmerichs

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    Oct 17, 2000
    As so often, the depictions of their speed varies wildly, probably according to plot needs. Sometimes, they can be running at a fairly decent pace (not an outright sprint, more of a jog). At other times, they're the traditional turtle-vs-hare turtle, slow but steady.
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    At the gun...
    The good thing about .22 ammo is there's a lot of it available. The bad thing about .22 ammo is that a lot of it is crap. And by "crap", I mean low power and dirty as hell powder.

    Especially with a .22 rifle like these AR types. They can be picky. Almost need to stick with CCI minimags or Remington Viper.

    I used to shoot Winchester Super X in my Browning Buckmark. You could count the time between starting and jamming with an egg timer. But CCI would just keep on going.

    The problem with .22 head shots on a zombie is that although .22 bullets would probably do the job (stop the zombie permanently), the precision of where you'd have to hit them would be more difficult. It would be equivalent of shooting them in the eyeball, 30-50 feet away, at night. That's still going to be a pretty tough shot. Of course, triple taps to the head would work too. :D

    And iron sights aren't worth a crap in low light conditions if they don't have tritium inserts. So a nice EOTech or Aimpoint would be required, or a quality knockoff red dot sight of some sort instead.
  16. Hank

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    Been there, done that.. (skip to 00:30)

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    Yeah. Me and my dad and my grandpa (RIP) all trained with M16s and 1911s. Me... my last training was with a 12g Browning. Not exactly normal.
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    I use Federal bulk pack ammo in mine, and it runs flawlessly. As in thousands of rounds without a problem (with regular cleaning, of course). Cheaper ammo is an issue, though. The minimags have too much wax on them for my taste.

    Seems like anywhere in the forehead should do the job. I shoot speed steel every month, and we often shoot 8" circle targets at those distances, and it's not uncommon to hit 5 targets in under 5 seconds.

    True, but you might want iron sights as backup when the batteries die :) I have a mid-level red dot on mine and it works great.
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    So my question is this. What stopped them from having ONE person as a decoy. Drive around and get the walkers to follow him. Lead them off the farm or AWAY from the house.
    The rest of the people hide in the house being quiet. In THEORY that would have worked right?

    Granted they don't or didn't realize this action would work in theory but based off the information we have about how the horde's work this would be a way to stay put and deflect zombie hordes right?
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    Are you gonna volunteer for that duty?

    What happens if you run out of gas - or come upon an obstacle, or vehicle problems?

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