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    Jan 30, 2005
    I have The Shield set up as a season pass, but this past week's episode didn't record. The "Recording History" section says it didn't record because the same episode existed within the last 28 days, but thats not true. This episode has not recorded in the past...its a new episode and looking at the description, I've never seen it.

    I've also noticed that next weeks episode isn't showing up on the To-Do List either. The episode is scheduled to air four times next week, but none are scheduled to record. For example, The Shield is on Tuesday from 7PM to 8:06PM. Nothing is scheduled to record for hours prior to that show. American Idol is scheduled to record at 8PM, but nothing else is to record until 10PM. There should not be a conflict...The Shield and American Idol should be able to record on two separate tuners during that 6 minute overlap. The "Recording History" section doesn't say that the episode won't record, so why isn't it in the To-Do List?
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    Drop the season pass and re-enter the season pass. FX, FOXReality and SCI-FI got shuffled around a few weeks ago and slightly renamed. Season passes got screwed up because of this.

    A search would have turned up a previous discussion such as this one.
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