The Rookie - Season 3 *Spoilers*

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    Durability for one, I'd guess.

    For two, you wouldn't want the radio going off unintentionally, either transmitting stuff you don't want transmitted, or at the very least blocking communications (since walkie talkies are simplex communications devices).
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    Don't SWAT and other tactical teams use hands free devices? Though I guess the cost for each of those devices is probably a lot higher so it might be an issue of budgets.
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    You know I did :) The Rookie - Season 3 *Spoilers*
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    I have my problems with this series but I have to admit that I felt this weeks episode was the best of the series.

    When the two new rookies showed up, I recognized the male rookie (Greg Grunberg) and had a pretty good idea he wasn’t going to last the episode. I was wondering why he did this episode. I thought maybe he directed the episode or was doing a favor for someone.

    With the female rookie, I was hesitant on if I was going to like her at first. It seems that many shows write it as her having a chip on her shoulder but that was not the case here. She was there to learn and be a sponge as a rookie. The way Tim was treating her, I had a feeling he was doing it the way he explained it to Lucy but wasn’t sure until he actually said it. That is a mark of a good FTO. Just some powerful scenes in that storyline. I would have liked to see a continuation of that storyline but I guess that is not happening.

    Why do I get the feeling there will be romance eventually between Nolan and his teacher? Not necessarily from this episode but it seems like every time a female lasts for more than 1 episode, they become romantic.

    I didn’t like the gun battle at all. Reminds me of
    I saw this episode a few days ago and that is all I can remember of the top of my head.
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    The FBI says the average gun battle takes place at a distance of three yards. And the vast majority of shots taken are misses.
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    He should have been wearing a red shirt. :rolleyes:

    I also did not like the gun battle. Going after the woman would never happen that way and it was (IMHO) making a political statement rather than trying to be half way realistic. o_O
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    Yeah, just seeing him I knew a quick one-and-done gag like that was coming. As to why he was even there? Heck, I think every actor Nathan Fillion is friendly with is likely to wind up in this show eventually. :) And the setup for this gig began almost five years ago:

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    I also, when I saw Greg, thought, wait, did JJ produce or direct this episode?
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    I thought the same thing and was wondering if they'd throw their guns at each other!

    I got a strong romantic vibe there as well, they spent SO much time together and we're so conditioned to expect it. I hope it DOESN'T happen, but they're telegraphing it.
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