The Rookie S02E06 - "Fallout" *spoilers*

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    I like cats. And the flerkens lurkin' inside 'em all.
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    I would think in this case that dogs are paid more attention to when roaming the streets because they are far more perceived as a threat, not because people care about them more. Cats don't have that same level of perceived threat so are more likely to be ignored.

    I'm not overly convinced the original observation holds up though, I think dogs and cats get killed pretty frequently in media, and I'm not overly convinced there's a significant difference in how often one is killed over the other.
  3. Tony_T

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    Nov 2, 2017
    Whenever I watch the show I can’t help not thinking of these lyrics by concrete blonde:

    Well I'm a high school grad I'm over 5 foot 3
    I'll get a badge and a gun and I'll join the P.D.
    —God Is a Bullet

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