The Protector 6/12/11 ( New Ally Walker series)

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    Gotta say I think I like her better playing a psycho bi%ch on SOA better.

    Too much like all the other buddy cop shows. Southland does it much better, but this being on Lifetime, I guess we wont see a gritty show like that.

    Nice to see Tisha Campbell-Martin tho.

    With all these cop shows using LA as the city, I would love if "The Closer" "Southland" and now "The Protector" all showed up at the same crime scene...

    I'll give it 1 more episode.
  2. JLucPicard

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    I liked Ally Walker in Profiler, and thought she did a good job in SOA, and I'll give this one a shot, but DANG! - I hope she's had herself a sammich or two since her SOA gig.

    She's not aging very gracefully in the things I've seen her in lately. She doesn't have to be beautiful - or even pretty - but I hope she at least looks healthy.

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