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Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by marklyn, Mar 20, 2020.

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    Been searching the forum on/off for a few years and haven't searched in the last year or so for this problem. I have tons of datelines, 48 hours, etc., that are supposed to record only if new. Why are they recording when the original air dates are not new, usually years old. I realize that the OAD is not in the listing info so is this an issue with Tivo or with the tv listing provider?
    On another note, does anyone know of an online listing website that regularly displays the original air date as part of the listing. It would be a manual process but I could check before something is recorded.
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    As far as I know, the "New" flag is stored in the metadata separate from the air date, so a show with an old air date can still be "new", just like how second airings of a show on the same day can be "not new".

    Seems to happen more and more. File a lineup complaint, maybe the hamsters will sort it out. As for who's problem it is, use an online guide like TitanTV to see if they say it's new or not.
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    It's always been a problem. Programs from Canada or the U.K. mess things up. This year TiVo seems to be indicating new for Canadian programs, like "Highway Thru Hell", Sunday 8pm EDT. It shows as new in (Gracenote), but a repeat in Like TitanTV and the date displayed is the first aired date in Canada. This tells me I should be able to make a 1P, but I wouldn't sleep well. I set a recording from the guide. Also, shows it as new, but no date is displayed.
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    That has always been an issue that happens with bad/missing/generic guide data. Even if set to NEW ONLY, it will record "Just in case"

    To help reduce the "Junk" recordings, set the pass options to start from "Season: " >1 (current season).
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    Be careful to not set the 1P to a number greater than the current season. Example: The Blacklist.
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    The thing I found is US stations are bad about setting the "new" flag properly - probably because US stations are typically the first to air a show and thus they set it erratically. It results in the 28-day rule being more effective in the US.

    In Canada, the local Canadian stations do set the "new" flag correctly (it's an episode that has never aired before in Canada) because the show could've aired months earlier in the US. History, Discovery and Food Network typically have delays of months between when it airs in the US and when it'll air in Canada. Thus the Canadian stations set the "New" flag to show that it's new to me.

    Problem is, TiVo data is so erratic that flag is randomly set it seems. Lots of shows in Canada don't have it when they should nowadays...
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    In terms of recording, the "New" flag is purely cosmetic. The original air date is used to make the recording decision if it's there, when not present TiVo must schedule a recording on the principle that deleting a recording that was made in error is easy but if you miss a recording there's nothing that you can do except buy the episode on Amazon or wait for a rerun.

    One thing that's confusing is that when the original air date is not present in the metadata, the TiVo guide will display the series inception date. But it won't use that date to make the recording decision any more than it will use the "New" flag. If you have KMTTG you can display the metadata and see what's really there.
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    No, OAD doesn't work when the recording is ancient, but "new to us".

    Like I said, I'm in Canada, and the OAD's are the original US air dates. Yet (at least when using the Gracenote data way back when which had accurate flags) TiVo would reliably get season passes for those shows "New episodes only". And by ancient, History and Discovery Canada air US shows months later (we still have new episodes from 2019 marked as new - Forged in Fire, American Pickers and Pawn Stars still have their 2019 air dates from July through November. And given it seems like there's 12 hours of reruns each for those shows daily, you don't want to record every showing or even every unique showing). Mythbusters back in the day was also one that often aired 6 months later.

    The new Rovi/TiVo data is more erratic - when it's accurate it works, but sometimes they get lazy and not set the new flag and I'm forced to schedule in the missing episode. It's something I check daily - a scheduled recording has a tendency to disappear if it was generic data followed by an episode listing which isn't completely correct.

    It may not be the flag specifically, but there;s something there indicating it's "new to Canada" even though it's well outside of the 28 day OAD rule. US stations usually get away without needing it, which is why Canadian shows with ancient OADs record erratically. Yet I have no problems recording ancient US episodes as new episodes in Canada
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    This could be intentional by Rovi. There may be a bug that makes recording "NEW" unreliable, so Rovi sets seveal timers to record even if they are not "NEW" because having to delete addtional "old" episodes is preferred to the WRATH should any of our 'New" episodes don't record.

    However, it seems that for several years, the ability for DVR's (not just TiVo) to record only NEW has been getting less and less reliable, not better.
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