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    I love that Andy wanted only deep cuts and still boogied!
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    Correct on both counts.

    The Michael-Holly storyline isn't working for me. For one thing, though Holly's current boyfriend is better in every way than Michael we don't really know their relationship, so there isn't any tension on that side of the triangle. And since the writers haven't managed to recapture the magic between Michael and Holly there isn't any reason to root for that pairing either.

    Then there are the two subplots. Pam's resolution board was just an excuse to get Michael to yell about breaking promises, and later ask for forgiveness. The subplot wasn't funny in itself, but relied on Michael screwing things up to squeeze some humor out of it--a formula so stale that Carrel hasn't been able to make it funny since maybe season three.

    Speaking of season three, that's when Jenna Fischer peaked ("What was the question?" Cut to black. End Season 3.) New Pam has been more difficult to write for and Fischer doesn't have the chops to rise above bad material.

    And the three guys on the town subplot was just Cafe Disco--an episode so popular that they've managed to steal from it several times since.

    This episode was written by Ellie Kemper's sister Carrie--her only listed credit on IMDb. Judging by this episode I'd say she is a big fan of The Office since this episode had a classic The Office structure and lots of The Office clichés.
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    In some cultures the left/right is reversed (right when married, left if widowed). Or maybe she held up both because she thought a mentally challenged person would have trouble quickly figuring out which left was his left vs. her left.
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    Wow, you must not watch much TV.
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    Dang dude. You should write for the paper. Good analysis and I think explains why this episode felt like "old times" for me. I agree the show hasn't been nearly as good as it started out to be. Probably a good time to hang it up, but I'll miss it. It used to be the funniest show on TV.

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