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Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by pdhenry, May 17, 2007.

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    Magnolia88 She likes cheese.

    Jun 30, 2005
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    I loved the episode, from start to finish.

    Jenna Fischer was superb, as usual. (Get well, Jenna!) Her expression at the end was priceless.

    Melora Hardin was also great. I really hope this isn't the end of Jan, b/c Melora has been fabulous in the role, and she's really been up to the challenge as Jan has progressively become more unhinged.
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    Mabes Ex-Smoker

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    Absolutely disagree that Ryan didn't get the job. It is not such an unlikely promotion if everyone else who interviews is not qualified or doesn't want the job. Karen was somewhat qualified but is not an MBA. Jim would have gotten it but he didn't want it, he would rather be in Scranton with Pam. I thought it was obvious from his expresssion and hesitation in the interview. He was doing really well and suddently couldn't concentrate. And I don't believe the writers would pull such a cheap trick. Everything about the final scenes leads us to believe Ryan got it, and for them to start next year with "And now for my next magical trick" is out of character.

    By the way, what else has Jenna Fischer been in? I had no idea until this season she was this good.
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    uncdrew Annie 2.0

    Aug 6, 2002
    Down South
    As someone with an MBA, it doesn't really mean much. Experience is more important (IMHO) and Ryan doesn't have much. And wasn't his MBA done at night, somewhere local? That discounts it a bit to me as well, as I don't recall seeing University of Scranton high on the Business School rankings.

    Of course who knows, and of course I'm wasting time thinking (and posting) about it.

    But to me, he's not qualified. Karen and Jim might not be either. Michael kind of is based simply on seniority and time with the company, since that's usually valued.

    However out of those four, I'd continue the job search if I were DM. Jan was pretty sharp, authoritative, and seemed to bust her ass in those first few seasons. I can't see her being replaced by the temp.

    But you might be right. :)
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    nrrhgreg Member

    Aug 30, 2003
    About Ryan's new job from the chat after the show last night which can be found on
    It's Jan's old job. B.J. Novak mentions Ryan is probably afraid his and Michael's relationship now will turn in one like Michael's and Jan's now that he is Michael's boss.
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    EvilMidniteBombr what bomz at midnite

    May 25, 2006


    The way Michael is, I can't see him actually being anything more than Secret Assistant to the Regional Manager. Yet he is the Regional Manager. Then we saw how much of a wing nut Jan really was. So yeah, just based on Comedy Cash Value (approx. value 1 Comedy Cash = 25000 Schrute Bucks.) it would be a great idea to promote the ex-temp past Michael. Then move him to a corporate post at the Scranton branch (ala Toby). But only after he has 1000 business cards printed with the NY address.

    Edit: I wonder if there is a PDF or JPG of the Schrute Buck? I'd love to print off a bunch of those.
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    SeanC ECT

    Dec 30, 2003
    Exactly, Ryan, the salesman who never sold anything, is now the boss of everyone in Scranton..... Comedy gold.
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    uncdrew Annie 2.0

    Aug 6, 2002
    Down South
    Fine points.

    I agree, the Temp now being over Dwight and Michael is comedy gold. And as crazy as DM is from a "real life business" perspective, it does kind of make sense.

    Ryan trying to give orders to Michael will be quite funny. :up:

    "Ryan started the fire" :D
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    Mabes Ex-Smoker

    Jan 12, 2001
    Warwick RI
    Michael: Still waiting on that coffee, Ryan.
    Ryan: I don't do that anymore.
    Michael: The coffee is for me, silly.

    Payback is hell.
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    getreal postcrastinator

    Sep 29, 2003
    The CFO, in his interview with Jim, mentioned that he couldn't stand the HR person in the office.
    Just like Michael vs. Toby in the Scranton office.
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    JYoung Series 3

    Jan 16, 2002
    Los Angeles
    In Michael's defense, he has made some pretty big deals (Hammermill, City of Scranton...), didn't loose any clients due to the merger, and it sounds like he hits his numbers.
    If he does that, corporate would tend to have more faith in him and be willing to put up with some of his antics more readily.
    And Jan seemed pretty competent in the beginning (but not so much after she and Michael went to Sandles).

    But Ryan has no managerial experience, hasn't made any sales and has short work experience period.
    MBA or no, in the real business world, it's unlikely that he'd get the job.
    (Yes I realize it's a comedy.)

    However if Ryan becomes Karen's/Jan's replacement's assistant or David Wallace's assistant, then Michael is no longer in his reporting chain.
    In fact, he can give Michael orders on his superior's behalf.

    When you factor in his dumping of Kelly, I'm leaning more that he will become Karen's right hand.
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    quango Member

    Sep 25, 2005
    Macon, Georgia
    Michael is a very good salesman, but not a very good manager. As Karen aptly put it, he'd be a disaster in Jan's job.

    I can see Ryan as a second (or third, if you assume Karen is #2) choice after Jim. For a job at corporate, the business administration degree might actually qualify him better to supervise a few branch managers than someone with more sales experience; there's no evidence Jan was in sales, and even if she was she wouldn't have gotten the Lackawana County Schools account (Tim Meadows), but until she started visiting her sister in Scottsdale every other hour of the day, she was a heck of a lot better at management.

    Ryan also has one other winning quality: he didn't get Michael's kiss of death endorsement.
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    Bananfish Preowned Member

    May 16, 2002
    Belmont, CA
    Anyone clinging to the idea that Ryan didn't actually get Jan's job should think about why they put in the CFO's line about how it would be good to have another MBA around in corporate. There's no comedy value to it, right? It's only there to help assuage your mind when it asks the question "why the heck would they hire Ryan in that position?" Without that explanation, you might not believe it.

    And it's really not all that farfetched, at least in The Office universe - this show exists to skewer the incomprehensible things that happen in a corporate office setting .... like MBAs with no experience getting jobs over people without MBAs and lots of practical experience.
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    nrrhgreg Member

    Aug 30, 2003
    I have a friend that just graduated with a masters and instantly got hired as a PR Coordinator with a large local hospital system. She was an outside hire with only 2 or 3 years experience in PR and is now second in the PR department. These things really happen.
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    greystreet629 TiVo Newbie!

    Dec 15, 2006
    Long Island, NY
    BJ just posted a blog on his myspace that should clear up any confusion . . . he definitely got the job. Here's his blog entry:

    Thank you for watching another season of The Office. You turned us from a cult show to an actual hit this year. We will be back in September.

    In the meantime: the episodes are all available on iTunes. The DVD set of Season 3, complete with all deleted seasons, cast commentaries, and extra material will be available sometime in early September. Repeats, "newpeats" with additional seasons, and new web materials will most likely surface during the summer and will always be announced on

    We are already hard at work writing the next season, which will be a very exciting one. Especially for Ryan, who has risen quickly from temp to sexually-harassed salesman to Michael's boss.

    Thank you again for all the support this season. Everything we do feels like an inside joke, and it's always amazing to see how many people somehow know the jokes too.

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    Regina I've got Jewbs!

    Mar 29, 2003
    Originally Posted by Regina
    LOLed at the bit with A-wight (don't screw the pooch!)

    I guess I was remembering Michael's poor typing skills (remember his "talking computer friend? -- "Get out of my offi*V*e!") and I thought that he mistyped Dwight's name (the A and D are close on the keyboard, don'cha know!) and Dwight, not wanting to hurt Michael's feelings, pronounced his "name" the way Michael typed it...A-wight!
    ...But A-wipe is funny a Michael Scott, immature sad tragic way! :p
    Anybody have closed captioning on this? :D
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    EvilMidniteBombr what bomz at midnite

    May 25, 2006
    Since you asked. According to the CC.

    Dwight (reading the letter from Michael): "Dwight, congratulations, a-wipe. Don't screw the pooch."
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    zaknafein Shorthanded

    Jul 17, 2001
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    numb and number

    numb and number New Member

    Mar 7, 2004
    From the start I've never trusted Ryan.

    He looks shady and weasely for starters. Annoying as she can be Kelly is also sweet and undeserving of being led on and treated shabbily. He wouldn't give Jim back his desk. Etc.

    If it turns out it is Jan's job he's gotten it will be interesting to see how he deals with the Scranton branch. He will know exactly what is going on, lol.

    (Spent time in an "office". Opened a Charlotte, NC branch of natl. wall coverings distributor. Less hilarity and awkward sweet drama in the office and more extended family and/or crack issues in the the warehouse.)
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    Lee L

    Lee L Got Basenji?

    Oct 1, 2003
    Morrisville, NC

    You know, you reminded me of something. Why are all the operational people in the CFO's reporting structure to begin with? Sounds like the company is kind of wacked anyway.
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    Bondelev Member

    Nov 27, 2005
    Burbank, CA
    After that moment I turned to my wife and said "There's her Emmy."

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