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    Oct 17, 2018


    I like the new upgrade, with a few tweaks I would like to see and discoveries by just pushing buttons on my remote! Not here to argue the new and improved, just have a conversation and Say what you may want to see added or subtracted....
    Guess I should say what system I am using...Bolt box and Two minis using MOCA by actionet 2.0 as our connection and cablecard from spectrum/Time Warner with their tuner.

    1) We really like the guide look, and I would say the transition for most regular spectrum/two users will be has the same look and feel.
    What we do not like is the prime time hour not reflected from 8 to 11pm in one view, it is a pain to have to scroll over and back, the older menu showed a larger list so it was easier to see what was on for a number of hours, making it swifter to look ahead.

    An option to do that would be great, but now seeing 730 to 830pm would be better served seeing 8 to 11pm on the guide.

    Suggestion: have an option to scroll left onto the channel listing first vs having it go to what was on in the previous hour immediately...then push select and have a pop up show that one channels programming for the next 6 hours, so in one view you can decide if you need to set a recording time.
    (Personally I could care less what shows I missed on the previous hours but do see the benefit)

    2) pushing the select UP arrow when on a channel - Now this we love! Especially if the first block is at 8pm, you can see what is on for the next 4 or 5 or more shows at a time depending on their length. We really appreciate the thumbnail view... Now it would be nice if it displayed if you have it set to be recorded without having to scroll a show over to see those check marks. A simple red dot would indicate it is set to record. At a glance is important and a Time saver!

    3) My guide says "SD" next to the channel logos, when I know it is in HD, but that is probably an spectrum problem, as it was the same with their own boxes and guide....

    4) the zoom button no longer works, used to go panel, zoom, ? Option. Now it opens the guide only, it was necessary to have those options adjustments before, I guess it is somewhere else now but we have yet to locate that option. I also think the info button used to show if it was 1080 or 720

    5) additional steps - seems like there are additional steps when doing certain menu options, ?
    Just takes getting used to.

    6) when in guide mode, pushing "A" brings up a menu, an additional option of having the aforementioned pop up of a 6 hour (or more) TV show guide would be great! ... here is where you can also change channel logos on or off, that is great, but you get no added benefit of having it in the off mode....

    7) last but not least is the banner DURATION TIME - Man I really dislike how long it stays on, 5 seconds I way to long, and it always happens at the most improper times! yeah I realize you can push clear an it goes way quickly... but you know those times you accidentally trigger something it pops up and stays up way to long.. a one second option would be ideal.

    8) this may be spectrum problem, but our programming guide is frustrating when it has a generic description of a show, when it is well known what is on a show later, and or a listing of guests on a late night show that is completely wrong, or the next days guests vs the current nights guests,.

    All in all these are all minor things we can adjust to, hey it is what it is, but hopefully others can share their experiences as well... and maybe it is something they are already addressing in future updates!

    PS would also like to see a picture in picture option, but that may not be doable with my setup.
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    Oct 6, 2011
    There is probably 400 topics on the "new guide" which is over a year old which would also answer some of your questions in here
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    Oct 17, 2018
    EDIT :
    OK ACTUALLY I just did a search after getting to page 9 of topics...

    I saw exactly ZERO threads like the one I started.

    More than Happy to continue in some other thread, In Fact, I RE-DID a search for "New Guide"
    and only the two first comments of this thread even related to it...

    if someone could post a link to this NEW GUIDE area, I will be happy to continue there.

    Otherwise - this may it, and quite frankly, I just updated and see the new guide/menu as i was just notified I could do so, but it sounds as though it has been out for some time?

    I am Huge TiVO fan, and just hope to give feedback for improvements that could be tweaked into this new update...

    I will even d some graphic work to give as an example for what I would like to see, and see if others would like to see that too...


    Thanks I did a search and found nothing, that is why i started this thread, mods please transfer or close this thread. MDSD77
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