The network connection was aborted by the local system - troubleshooting tips?

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    I just reinstalled the latest Tivo Desktop and can't connect to either of my Tivo HD boxes. I have disabled anti virus and most apps but still get this error. I also can't connect with kmttg. That app gives me an Error code 35 and then Check YOUR MAK & IP settings.

    Any troubleshooting tips?
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    Might not help, probably won't hurt.

    There's a clean up after uninstall utility (TivoDesktopCleaner) for the versions of TiVo Desktop prior to the current one, 2.8.2.

    Uninstall 2.8.2

    Run TivoDesktopCleaner (yeah, I know it's not supposed to be for the current version, but I've done this and it seemed to find something to uninstall)

    Re-install 2.8.2

    Go sacrifice some burnt offerings to the DVR gods at midnight under a full mooon.

    (what, you thought this was science? :p)

    Oh, and give everything fixed IP addresses.

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