The Mandalorian "The Gunslinger" 06-Dec-19 S01E05

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    Well we went from a weak version of The Seven Samurai to fan service in the extreme. While I think this was a better episode than Ep 4, it still left me wanting some story advancement.

    This week found our intrepid hero having to make an emergency landing on none other than Tattoine, home to the Skywalkers, Tuskin Raiders, Mos Eisley, after a space battle that reminded me to some extent of the pod Race in The Phantom Menace complete with switching to emergency power in a way that reminded me of Anakin's doing something similar in TPM.

    There were so many call backs to Star Wars history in this one it became distracting to an extent. Mos Eisley Cantina now with droid bartenders (quite the 180 from Star Wars). Mos Espa call out, Speeder bikes right out of Attack of the Clones and more.

    He takes on a job with a green bounty hunter who's looking to bring in a elite assassin to raise money for repairs and docking fees. The acting is ok, the direction a bit loose, and the plot is another one off except for a bit at the end that hints at a new adversary for poor Mando, or perhaps an old one.

    The visuals on this were great. it was well shot and I loved the speeder bikes flying across the Dune Sea.

    Only 3 more episodes left this season, let's hope they do something to advance the main story.
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    "Main story"? There really has never been much of a main story...
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    Since this is Star Wars, you should make it clear that by "green", you mean "inexperienced"; he's not literally green...

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