The Leftovers - Series Finale - S03E08 - The Book of Nora

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    I love that idea. Imagine a world where 98% of people suddenly vanished. As we've seen it's pretty easy to imagine a world where 2% vanished. Life and the world is pretty much like it was. But if 98% are gone? You wouldn't probably know or be related to anyone left. Wouldn't be long before basic essentials stopped working - phones, electricity, TV and radio, gasoline availability. Let's not forget food and water.

    Nora's description of Mapleton being grown over was interesting. It was hard to not think it odd that her family with the new woman just happily lived in their old house.
    It was difficult enough to get people to use it coming from the 98% world 7 years later. Imagine what it would be like trying to convince people in the 2% world, 15 years after their separation that they could go back.
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    Just having finished Series 3, I understand the finale. It's the majority of the rest of Series 3 that I don't get . . . . ;)
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    Way late to the party.... I watched season 1 when it came out 2015. Then completely forgot about the show and what it was about for years. After seeing it on many "Best Series of the Decade" lists, I remembered I started the show but never finished. So last month I watched the entire series.. After a slow and frustrating season 1 (probably why the show never became a huge hit), season 2 and 3 brought the show up to one of my all time favorites. I have since turned 2 people onto the show and they also loved it - after lots of complaints to me during season one when I had to talk them into keep watching because it all pays off big time during the next two seasons.

    Someone above said they did not like any of the characters. I absolutely loved Nora, so strong and determined after what she went through. I also loved Kevin, and even Matt, John, and Laurie grew on me after a while.

    As for whether Nora told the truth, I believe she was lying. As others have mentioned, if the machine could be built on the other side to send her back, why not build lots of machines so anyone who wanted to go back home could. Nora simply needed to explain why she decided to ghost everyone and decided to come up with a story as to why. It was a cool and somewhat believable story though. In the end it doesn't really matter if she was telling the truth or not.
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    Another late to the party, agree that I loved the ending. You could read it as Nora telling the truth or lying and BOTH ways work as a great finale!

    Loved this show and loved listening to podcasts about each ep after
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    Great timing, I just finished this tonight as well. Very well done series. It's entertainment, take what she said at face value for the highest level of entertainment and storyline.

    Great ending, seems hard to pull off in shows but this one did it, IMO.

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