The Leftovers. S3E6. "Certified"

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  1. 7thton

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    A flashback reveals the circumstances of the day Laurie joined the Guilty Remnant. In present day, Matt and Laurie assist Nora in a clandestine operation, spying on the two scientist that interviewed her. The next day, after Nora hesitates, Laurie is able to convince her to do her job, and report the group's activities. Laurie heads to Grace's ranch house having been summoned by Michael. Kevin Sr. explains that they've asked Kevin to die, and return to the "afterlife realm", and claim the lyrics from Christopher Sunday to stop the impending destruction of earth. After conferring with John and Grace, Laurie sedates everyone at dinner, awaiting Kevin's return from a journey of contemplation. Laurie and Kevin have a meaningful chat, before bidding each other goodbye. The morning of the anniversary, Laurie goes SCUBA diving, after taking a call from Jill. Based on a prior conversation with Nora about the dangers of diving, it is implied Laurie plans to attempt suicide.

    • So, Laurie's dead, huh?
    • What is Matt going to do with Nora? Try to go with her to...where ever?
    • Will Kevin be able to die, get the song from Sunday, and get back in time to stop "the flood?"
    • Why isn't Matt trying to get back for the anniversary day, like he was planning to? How did he come to conclude that he should stay in Australia?
  2. robojerk

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    I think it's impossible to get back to Texas at this point. The anniversary is in less than 36 hours from the point Laurie leaves Matt and Nora, all flights are still grounded, it's a 12 hour boat ride to Tasmania. Matt believed Kevin was needed in Miracle which was the point of the trip.
    Obviously Matt's opinion has changed. Maybe he sees how much his sister Nora needs someone, or has given up on his miracle cure since the boat ride.
  3. Cainebj

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    Nov 10, 2006
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    I dunno who wrote that recap up on top - it's almost amusing how matter of fact it is compared to what I watched.

    I'm so happy they gave Laurie an episode.
    I was a little confused with the time jumps all over the place - so much so, I thought for a second I had missed an episode.
    The revelation of the pregnancy and her suicide attempt were devastating.

    Amy Brenneman was pretty amazing in this episode.
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  4. Rob Helmerichs

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    The pregnancy was old news...we learned about it in Season 1.
  5. 7thton

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    Mar 3, 2005
    I grabbed it from Wikipedia.
  6. Cainebj

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    Nov 10, 2006
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    I had no recollection of it, so it was news to me!

    The more I have thought about this episode the more I think Laurie's implied suicide is strange.
    If they all think something is going to happen on the anniversary - why not wait and see what it is? I would.
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    Yeah, I think it was kind clear that Matt changed his mind at the end of the lion/boat episode when the captain said the police would like a statement "assuming he didn't have any pressing business in Melbourne". Matt thought for a moment and said "no, I don't."
  8. 7thton

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    Mar 3, 2005
    I agree, but it isn't entirely clear to me why or how his "mind changed."

    I assuming that the tiger killing "god" was a "sign" to Matt that "god" wasn't "god" at all.

    But, what does that mean to Matt and how does it influence his behavior?
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  10. Fahtrim

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    Old thread but this wasn't answered. When he had that guy "god" tied up he was convinced for a bit he was talking to God. When he said he would cure him and Matt untied him his little "wala you are cured" was the straw that broke the back of Matt's belief in his mission and overall belief in the book of Kevin and all that. The Lion killing that guy was just a cherry on top, but he was done before that.

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