The Killing - 4/17/11

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  1. Tracy

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    Yes. And Sterling made it clear that is wasn't an attack. She participated willingly.
  2. mrdazzo7

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    Jan 8, 2006
    Definitely Russian Mob. Earlier his moving partner was all "do you want me to **** up this Richmond guy like the old days?" and Stan said "I don't do that anymore..." and then he goes to visit the creepy Russian dude who had Godfather written all over him.

    I don't like where they're going with that. I like "epic" but if they go down the road of revealing all these wild over the top mob connections I think it could kind of take away from the "grounded" vibe of the story. So far I think the writers have handled the "grieving parents" aspect of the story perfectly, so turning it into some kind of mob story seems like a bad move.

    Yeah I was kind of working while watching the episode so I was confused when Linden and talking to Sterling at the school about how it was her in the video--I couldn't figure out how she knew that. But I went back and watched the scene with her and Jasper again and he basically says "I can explain that..." and then they show Linden and Sterling so it made sense.

    The show is definitely interesting. It's almost impossible to say who the killer is. Like someone said, it's way too early for it to be someone that seems obvious (Gwen, etc)... It's gotta be hard to craft a story like this because you have to have a twist at the end but it can't be easy to build up to that for 13 episodes and have it be a shock but yet make sense.
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    I know she did not open the door herself, if she did that it would not look like an accident, but she could have choreographed the moment.

    When they were interviewing the guys they let them see things outside the interrogation room that seemed to be purposely set up.

    Anyway, I may end up watching this one on my own. My wife thinks its way too slow, she likes these cases wrapped up in 44 minutes. This could be the feeling of a lot of people out there. There are too many drive through crimes shows on American TV that provide instant gratification that are competing with a show that takes a season to solve one crime.

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