The Kill Point Finale 8/26/07 *Spoilers*

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Odds Bodkins, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Odds Bodkins

    Odds Bodkins Doug's Dad

    Jun 7, 2006


    I'm sad to see this mini-series finish up. Anything that involves folks from the Wire is a good thing.

    An exciting close with a twist on how these shows normally end as Albert got himself PAID. I just wish the SWAT leader chick got it more than she did. She was the sole weak acting link in this cast.

    1013 forever. Kudos to Spike for finally putting out something of quality... it only took them 9 years.
  2. hanumang

    hanumang Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Yeah, I enjoyed this mini as well.

    I was afraid that it would go out on a whimper, but I was very pleasantly surprised.
  3. astrohip

    astrohip Well-Known Raconteur TCF Club

    Jan 6, 2003
    It was a fun 8 hours, especially for summer fare. Not much competition. :rolleyes:

    But. . . I thought the shootout was a joke. 50,000 shots fired and no one gets hit? And Cali grabs a pistol as he chases after Deke, and fires at least 40-50 times? Quite a load it holds :confused:

    A decent plot, good acting and constant story twists earned an A-. The final 30 minutes lowered it to B+.

    +1 on Albert getting the $. :up:
  4. PopcornGuy

    PopcornGuy New Member

    Apr 6, 2007
    Orlando, FL
    Great show! "1013 Forever" and Albert surviving leaves it open for a second season, I hope! :up:
  5. Sadara

    Sadara huh?

    Sep 27, 2006
    Wichita, KS


    Nice show!! This finale left me hit the tivo button every time my kids rain in the room, way too gory for them to see!!

    The unending bullets was over the top. Shows have been getting better at not making it seem like the bullets are limitless, but this finale was just silly. Though the rest of the show was good enough I was able to over look it.

    It was a nice twist to see Albert get away with the money!
  6. bicker

    bicker bUU

    Nov 9, 2003
    The show was remarkable up until the last three hours which really suffered. Perhaps they just ran out of creative energy. In the end, this wasn't the triumph it looked like it was shaping up to be in the beginning, but still good summer filler.
  7. markz

    markz Well-Known Member

    Oct 22, 2002
    I missed this show when it started. But then one day the show I was watching ended and the marathon started. I was hooked in the first several minutes and TiVo'd the rest of the episodes. I watched it all in two days! It was great watching it that way!

    My main problem was Cali shooting at the one bad guy that had his wife hostage. QUIT SHOOTING TOWARDS YOUR WIFE! Unless his plan was to get the bad guy and then be single again!
  8. ElJay

    ElJay Active Member

    Apr 6, 2005
    Yeah it was decent "filler," but not much beyond that. I did like all of the location shooting, which made it look interesting at least. This finale episode was pretty bad, though. The last three or four hours of the show could have been easily compressed into one tight two hour episode.

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