The Handmaid's Tale - S3:E4 "God Bless the Child"

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    Discuss. :D I still haven't had time to start S3 myself yet. Hope to get caught up in the next few weeks.

    Title of next ep is (just in case it's a spoiler).
    "Unknown Caller"
    Maybe someone can create the next ep thread at the right time so that I don't violate the ahem... rules?
  2. Cainebj

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    Well. I dunno. I can see where they are going - I am guessing we are heading towards some kind of rise up revolution.

    I am having a have a problem with how they set up a world and told us the rules and now they seem to be breaking the rules of that universe.

    Given what we know about Aunt Lydia, I don't think she would have behaved that way in a Commanders house and I don't think June would have gotten away with screaming NO! at her while all the Commanders and their wives stood around watching.

    Plus - why would the Eye want June to see that video and why would June admit her husband's identity to them? I didn't buy it. It did not occur to me until they were trying to get the kid baptized that probably legally, Luke and Moira have no legal right to keep that kid. I hope that is not where that is going...

    I am still fascinated by the show and the great performances but having trouble suspending my disbelief with some of the things that are happening this season. (yea i know how that sounds but i mean in the context of the show)
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  3. Rob Helmerichs

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    It kinda reminds me of Hunger Games...the first book was sensational, but the following ones as they delved deeper into the world showed how little thought went into its creation. It was perfectly conceived for the first book, which was really more of an allegory than a science-fiction world-building exercise, but it couldn't sustain the weight that the later books put on it.

    Handmaid's Tale was even more clearly intended as an allegory, and a world designed for that is again showing signs of crumbling under the weight of added scrutiny.
  4. DevdogAZ

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    I had a problem with the way June acted at the Commander's house. We learned early in the episode that it was a special occasion to allow the handmaids to attend. And they all came in together and I thought they were supposed to stay together and with their partners. But then the whole rest of the episode, June seemed to be allowed to just wander around the house alone, unsupervised. Where were the rest of the handmaids that whole time? Where were they when the thing with Aunt Lydia happened? I would have expected the people in charge to immediately round up the handmaids and whisk them out of there as soon as the Aunt Lydia incident happened. Yet then we again see June wandering around alone, to the point that she stumbles on the people watching the video of Luke. How is there a house full of dozens of people and June seems to always be alone or with just one other person?
  5. MikeekiM

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    I agree... Given the "police state" political climate of Gilead, I am shocked that June can do the things that she has done since S02E01, and continues to do... I understand the story the writers and directors are trying to tell, but it all doesn't seem to match up with the strict environment that was setup during the first season.

    Fred Waterford was very commanding in season 1... Now he kind of looks like a bumbling idiot who has no confidence in what to do next... I do buy into Serena's transformation... As highly regarded as she was in season 1, the things that she has gone through, as well as how women are treated in Gilead...I do buy into the fact that she has reached her breaking point with Fred and with Gilead...

    Aunt Lydia... I am not sure what to make of her right now... I wish they would tell her backstory... What was she doing pre-Gilead? Who was she? I hope they tell her backstory soon... Maybe it will help us viewers understand her motivations and her overall state of mind.

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