The Good Wife - OAD 10/30/11 *SPOILERS *

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by Gerryex, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. Gerryex

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    Apr 24, 2004
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    Hi ALL,

    Some comments here say that this season is not as good as previous seasons, but I still think its a great show and still enjoy it.

    On this episode I have a question. When did Cary and the guy who assigned him the crappy office cubicle become enemies? In the past I thought they worked together and even went out for drinks together. It seems that the other guy is jealous of Cary's attention from Peter, but Cary does seem to be a good lawyer. A little over zealous at times, but still pretty good.

    Still a great show!

  2. type_g

    type_g Active Member

    Sep 9, 2002
    What was up with all the computer talk with the cloud service and the IT guy, and was that a MAC with the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH??? That just felt out of place. Probably a way for the kid and the boyfriend to talk.
  3. RandomTask

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    Jun 30, 2011
    I dunno but what I think is weird is that Cary, a junior associate at the same level as Alicia moves to SA's office and suddenly wields a stupid amount of power. At best, he's be handling misdemeanors and the like. Not capital cases etc.
  4. Agatha Mystery

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    Feb 12, 2002
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    The BSOD issue makes me think that the IT guy is doing something shady and they'll be onto him later. The teenager was never going to catch any of those things.
  5. Neenahboy

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    Apr 7, 2004
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    Yeah, there's no way Cary is ASA at this point in his career. And damn it, the Alicia/Will relationship is still awkward as hell. Define the thing already and move on. Yeesh.

    Eli's story line was much better this week, though...and there was no Grace, so that's something. Still, it's a shell of its former self. Sad.
  6. JETarpon

    JETarpon Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2003
    It seems to me that is the first time in a long time that Alicia straight out lost a case, but since there was so little focus on the case, you barely noticed it. It was just "Oh yeah, he's guilty" and that was it.
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia The Question

    Jan 30, 2005
    Boston, MA
    Have we seen Alicia lose a case where the defendant is innocent? (Or at least she thinks he is?)
  8. scooterboy

    scooterboy Coney Island Small

    Mar 27, 2001
    And then it happened to Eli's PC. Something is up with that.

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