The Expanse - S4:E4 "Retrograde"

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    I just finished this ep so I'm nowhere near caught up. I feel like I can't peak in the S4 thread as I'm sure I'll be spoiled.

    I'm surprised to see the Bobbie has gotten such a downgrade in work and it sucks that she's being blackmailed. Didn't expect to see the level of corruption going on over at Mars (e.g. "detective" and kidnapper) and the foreman. It's kinda cool to see more of Mars and different aspects than before.

    Was Murtry as much of a murderer in the books?
  2. tomhorsley

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    Jul 22, 2010
    Murtry is really identical to the books. I won't ever be able to read Cibola Burn again without hearing Burn Gorman in my head. He is perfect for the role.
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