The Curse of Oak Island - History Channel Series - Whole season spoilers

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    Slow start to the season, but a better episode last night. This season seems to be the discovery of the unknown and moving past following the path most taken by previous searchers. Just because the previous searchers did something doesn’t mean they were right about their theory’s.

    I do like that they’re researching and looking into new areas of the island. Gary and his metal detector are finding some good stuff and some insight into other areas of the island. Drain the swamp, something doesn’t seem natural about it to me! I'm thinking that taking a seismic survey of the whole island is a sound decision that could reveal unknown things about the island.

    They’re sending a lot of money! Would love to know how much they’ve soaked into the island so far.
  2. cannonz

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    Oct 22, 2011
    Tue 2/25 at 8PM William Shatner Meets Oak Island on Drilling Down. Sat 2/29 9PM The Unexplained - Oak Island Curse.
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    Season 8 starts tonight.

    Eight. The same number of letters in 'Leonardo'. Could this coconut have belonged to Leonardo da Vinci? Marty and Rick Lagina go back to Borehole 10-X in an effort to locate more coconut fibers.
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  4. innocentfreak

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    I think I completely skipped last season. How ever will I catch up on everything they found so far.
  5. KDeFlane

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    I spent most of last season fast-forwarding past every guest with a theory and every filler scene of the B-crew wandering in the woods. Skip to the last 10 minutes to see what new trinket they dug out of the mud. The curse of this show is upon us all.
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  6. Odds Bodkins

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    Still can't stand Jack Begley
  7. Donbadabon

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    New series starts next Tuesday (the 17th). Beyond Oak Island.
    "Hosted by real-life treasure hunters, Rick and Marty Lagina, Beyond Oak Island will chronicle the greatest treasure hunts of the past, present and future. It will offer a combination of great story telling, compelling interviews with treasure-hunters, historians and experts, and on-location reality content where viewers can witness treasure hunts in progress. "


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