"The Comedians" a rare NOPE preview

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by MikeAndrews, Apr 4, 2015.

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    MikeAndrews Registered abuser

    Jan 17, 2002
    For a while when I saw the promos for "The Comedians" on FX I would check to see if I could add a season pass for it.

    You know. Billy Crystal and a Josh Gad whatever that is.

    It was way to far off from when the promos started in February or was it January or was it 2014?

    After the constant, constant, repeated repeats of the promos it hit me that that if these were the highlights, there was a problem: There was no funny. HE DROPPED THE PHONE IN HIS DIAPER! :mad:

    Nope. No subscription. In fact I'd like the same feature I keep asking for such as Maury: a button I can press on the remote to cause those responsible physical pain.

    That's my opinion and I'm stickin' to it.
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    scooterboy Coney Island Small

    Mar 27, 2001
    I'm keeping an open mind, because

    1) I'm a big Billy Crystal fan, and
    2) I believe the premise of the show is that Gadd is an idiot and Crystal is somehow stuck working with him. So perhaps the unfunny in the promos is them showing how unfunny Gadd's character is. I hope.

    Or, as you suspect, it will suck.
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    JLucPicard Active Member

    Jul 8, 2004
    West St....
    I was just wondering about this show myself. I'm not a huge Billy Crystal fan, but I like him. I've never heard of Josh Gadd other than seeing him in that show with Jenna Elfman and I just hated him enough that I gave up on the show very early.

    Has he ever been in anything in which he's been funny? I'm recording the pilot, but my general overall feeling is I'm just not going to like this and I may not even make it through the first ep.

    I do realize comedy is subjective, so if what I've seen of Josh Gadd is pretty much Josh Gadd, I'm out. I've got too many other shows I enjoy to waste my time with him.
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    mr.unnatural Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2006
    Billy Crystal generates enough funny on his own to carry this show. I look at it as the new Odd Couple. I think the whole premise is that Josh Gad is a complete idiot and Crystal is forced to work with him. I'd have to give it at least a few episodes before bailing on it. FX has had a pretty good track record of late with new comedies, IMHO, so I'm inclined to stick with it. They've been pushing the envelope with some off-the-wall stuff that falls right into my wheelhouse.

    FWIW, Josh didn't drop the phone in his diaper. That's where he was carrying it when it starting ringing in the promo.
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    gweempose Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2003
    Northbrook, IL
    He was very good in "The Book of Mormon", but I've never seen him in anything else. In the musical he plays a lovable idiot. It sounds like he doesn't have much range.
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    jsmeeker Notable Member TCF Club

    Apr 2, 2001
    He is also well known for voicing Olaf in "Frozen"
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    Rainy Dave

    Rainy Dave Regulated User

    Nov 11, 2001
    Puget Sound...
    I liked Josh Gad in "1600 Pen" and Billy Crystal is most always awesome. So, I'll give the show a try.
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    efilippi Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2001
    Mundelein, Il
    Review I read said that pilot is a bit iffy but that it gets better as it goes along. No reason not to give it a try. Crystal is an old favorite.
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    Frylock Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Just West...
    I am confused why this is on FX, and not FXX. It seems more along the FXX comedy line, than the FX drama line.
  10. Steveknj

    Steveknj Lost in New Joisey TCF Club

    Mar 10, 2003
    New Jersey
    Yeah, I was wondering that too. I know they moved The League to FXX and I thought that was the route that was taking. Maybe it's a logistical thing. FXX isn't on enough carriers and they want it to get as much exposure as possible. And if it's a hit, maybe they move it to FXX eventually.

    I'll give this a shot. I'm a Crystal fan, and I can take Gadd in small doses (I realize that this is a rather LARGE dose, but I'm hoping that Crystal makes up for it).
  11. VegasVic

    VegasVic Craps Player

    Nov 21, 2002
    The Craps Table
    I'm a Crystal fan so I'll give it a shot.
  12. DevdogAZ

    DevdogAZ Give 'em Hell, Devils

    Apr 16, 2003
    The line isn't FX=drama and FXX=comedy. It's supposed to be more of an older-skewing vs. younger-skewing thing. The comedies they moved to FXX were ones that skewed younger, and then they kept Louie on FX.

    But it's clearly not a very firm delineation, because they also kept Archer on FX, and they launched You're the Worst and Married last summer on FX.

    Basically, I'm not sure FX even has a good idea of what they're doing with FXX at this point.
  13. mattack

    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
    Yeah, as someone else said, "1600 Penn". He was the reason I gave up on that show quickly too. Though looking at imdb, he was also on "Return To You", and while I admittedly remember little about that show (though I know I watched it), he apparently didn't annoy me in that... and his kind of hyper performance _can_ be funny. (Though a whole bunch of these actors seem to basically be doing Jack Black-isms.. That's just because he's who I associated that schtick with.)

    I like Crystal, so will check this out. Basically, I don't hate Gadd enough to not check it out. Rainn Wilson really creeped me out on "Six Feet Under", but I ended up liking him on "The Office" and now "Backstrom"... and Jorge Garcia really brought down "Becker", but was entertaining on "Lost".
  14. Hoffer

    Hoffer Eat Lightning ----- Poo Thunder TCF Club

    Jun 1, 2001
    Twin Cities, MN
    The number one reason I gave up on 1600 Penn was because of the Josh Gadd character. I have seen the commercials for Comedians 100 times. I'm not even a little interested in the show. I just assume it will be bad. If I start hearing great things about the show, I'll go back and check it out.
  15. midas

    midas I heard that TCF Club

    Jun 1, 2000
    Well first episode has aired. I actually liked it.
  16. getreal

    getreal postcrastinator

    Sep 29, 2003
    The first episode was pretty cringe-inducing, but i'm gonna stick around and hope for the best. For Billy's sake.
  17. RGM1138

    RGM1138 I wanna Rock

    Oct 6, 1999
    Gulfport, MS
    I watched the pilot.

    I can't imagine how bad Billy Crystal's career had to be going to agree to a scene that had Gad's nads resting on his face.

  18. astrohip

    astrohip Well-Known Raconteur TCF Club

    Jan 6, 2003
    Wife & I watched it. Two funny scenes, one was the 'nads, the other I can't remember. Other than those two, it was 23 minutes of very unfunny comedy.

    I didn't like Josh Gad before, and this hasn't changed my opinion.
  19. Frylock

    Frylock Well-Known Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Just West...
    I had hope for this. The pilot was AWFUL. I am hoping it was just the pilot. Unless it gets a lot better, I am passing on this.
  20. efilippi

    efilippi Well-Known Member

    Jul 24, 2001
    Mundelein, Il
    I thought the two-Tesla thing was a nice twist, especially with Gad's being an overdue test drive.

    And him saying his money from 1600Penn series two is about gone... :p

    On reflection, there was more in the show that I enjoyed than I thought at the time.

    Like the stupid, pita door closer hassle on Billie's door. Juvenile, but funny.

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