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    So we've finally gotten around to watching The Closer on DVD (via Netflix). Then I noticed that it had really large horizontal black bars, like a 2.35:1 movie would have. The picture didn't seem really scrunched at first, but since I didn't think a TV show would have that aspect ratio, I cycled through the aspect ratio settings on my projector and found one that filled the screen ("V-FIT") and didn't seem to cut off any of the picture on the sides. And then, it did seem less scrunched by comparison.

    We really liked the show through the first 3 episodes (the first disc), but I found the AR thing a bit annoying. The TV in our bedroom, where we watch more often, doesn't have that mode, so it was either zoom in to fill the screen but cut off part of the picture on the sides, or watch it scrunched with the letterbox bars. Is this show shown in HD on TNT-HD? Do they still air the older seasons?

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