The Blacklist S08E06 "The Wellstone Agency" (2/12/2021)

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    What a nice tribute episode to the actor, Clark Middleton. Before the ending, I had not known that the actor had passed away in October. He was one of the best characters on the show. It was always great to see him, although I am glad that he was not overused.

    IMDb does not list the actor as a cast member for this episode, although the website is sometimes incomplete or behind for episode data. I wonder what happens when a show uses a character's image so prominently but the actor does not personally appear in the episode. Are residuals still paid?
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    Nobody gets paid residuals until the episode goes into reruns.

    I imagine that, since an actor generally owns rights to his likeness, Clark's estate is getting a taste. Edit: The answer is yes, according to this article.
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    I knew he had died, and was wondering what they'd do when they 'needed' him in a plot.
    (Remember, they also dealt with Brian Dennehey's death -- I think they just used another actor or maybe some CGI Dennehey..)

    Wow, Glen was only in 13 episodes. The one I remember most is him doing the "hold your hands on the truck to win it" one.

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