The Best & Worst Cable Companies (For TiVo Owners)

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    The Dave Zatz blog linked in the first post says:
    Two further comments:
    1. "perhaps indiscriminate" is being charitable. It's clearly intentional policy.
    2. TWC could qualify for "worst" even without the copy-once issue. I can't imagine another company having worse support for TiVo's.

    I have a question:
    If the IP back channel were adopted, what existing TiVo models (if any) could be retrofited to use it (for SDV) by just a software update? Saying goodbye to my TA would be a happy day.
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    The IP backchannel is more of a concept than a specific protocol. Obviously some form(s) are being used to power Comcast- or RCN-TiVo VOD, but as to what is ultimately proposed or mandated, who knows. Frankly, I think it'll be years before anything new is pushed forward. We need to get used to CableCARD and ***** to the FCC when Tuning Adapters fail on us.
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    Nobody is talking about IP backchannel as an open solution right now. If they were there would be FCC filings to that affect. Until the Allvid proposal either sinks or swims any other solutions are dead in the water.
  4. dlfl

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    Jul 6, 2006
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    Any "solution" (e.g., AllVid or IP back channel) imposed by the FCC that goes against the busiiness interests of the MSO's will not be very satisfying to TiVo owners. It will suffer from the same foot-dragging and incompetence (whether intentional or just negligent) that has plagued the CableCARD/TA "solution". For example, I had to call TWC once a month for over a year to get my TA re-authorized until they finally started sending the signals automatically. There is no practical way for the FCC to prevent such problems, and in this case the FCC could do nothing to solve the problem. If TWC hadn't fixed it themselves (for who knows what reason) I still would be suffering from it.
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    Nope. I'd think it would be those who use flaky tuning adapters and put on copy protection on almost all channels.
    Yeah... until your area gets taken over by Frontier and they suddenly throw copy protection (via CCI bytes) on most channels other than the ones available OTA. :( Trying to deal w/them was a complete waste of time.

    I moved away and am now in an area w/no FiOS from anyone and on Comcrap. At least most of my channels are free from "protection".

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