The Amazing Race FINALE, 12/12/10

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    Apr 16, 2003


    Yes, they almost always drive themselves to start the race, but I don't think they've ever driven themselves in the US on the final leg.
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    I wonder if the multiple taxis at the end were for the non-top-3 teams to jump into as soon as the top-3 teams were gone, so as to confuse any TAR spotters and to keep the cab drivers from spoiling the real top-3 finishers.

    So as soon as Jill and Thomas left, several other teams come out from hiding and jump in cabs and get to the finish line.
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    I can finally chime in!

    Man, I cannot believe Stephanie is in love with Chad. He's such a total a-hole. And she's got one of the prettiest faces I've ever seen.

    Vickie really needs to dump Nick's ass. He's way too abusive. Too bad she doesn't have enough self esteem to realize it.

    Congrats to Wallace and Gromit on the win, though!

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