The Amazing Race 4/10/11

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by firerose818, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. firerose818

    firerose818 Now 65 pounds less! TCF Club

    Jul 21, 2003
    Los Angeles, CA
    Did anyone notice the body being prepared for...whatever it was being prepared for when Kent and Vyxsin were heading for the pit stop? That was a little disconcerting.

    As a holy city, do people in India specifically bring bodies there for cremation, or was this a fairly normal thing to see in Indian cities?
  2. IJustLikeTivo

    IJustLikeTivo Active Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    I've not seen it but my parents did. So glad Ron is gone.
  3. omnibus

    omnibus cowboy, yee-ha

    Sep 25, 2001
    Lost in Wyoming
    Also glad Ron is finally gone. The goths are weird but Ron is just dumb.
  4. VegasVic

    VegasVic Craps Player

    Nov 21, 2002
    The Craps Table
    Yeah Ron, you were "overthinking", lol.

    I had liked Kent's demeanor so far in this race. But not on this leg. What a wimp. He seriously make Vyxsin carry both backpacks?

    I was dreading a non elim and so glad it wasn't. Ron WAS gracious at the end at least.

    Can we please have no more India on this race EVER again?
  5. xtopher_66

    xtopher_66 Member

    Jan 7, 2004
    Not if Phil has his way. This was one of his live Tweets near the beginning of tonight's show:

  6. Inundated

    Inundated Face For Radio TCF Club

    Sep 9, 2003
    Northeast Ohio
    Don't count on Phil's live tweeting during tonight's episode, he says he loves it when the show goes there:!/PhilKeoghan/status/57251465181405184!/PhilKeoghan/status/57235529888038912

    One of my favorite moments of this episode was watching Ron get lost, and hoping he was so far afield that he'd be gone, which thankfully, he was. Bye, Ron!

    Both Kent and Vyxsin bugged me this week.

    Glad the Cowboys survived their dumb flight choice, and that the Trotters came in first...
  7. Inundated

    Inundated Face For Radio TCF Club

    Sep 9, 2003
    Northeast Ohio
    Oops, took too long to post that, was typing at the same time. :D
  8. nmiller855

    nmiller855 Active Member

    Sep 26, 2000
    East of...
    I wasn't home & able to make sure I had enough padding to catch the end. I wish the sports entities would have to buy the next 2 slots behind them in case they run over or the network would cut them off at the exact time their slot ends.
  9. Neenahboy

    Neenahboy Statistical outlier

    Apr 7, 2004
    Seattle, WA
    China too, please.
  10. latrobe7

    latrobe7 What, me worry?

    May 1, 2005
    I can't believe Vixen jumped in the river. :eek:
  11. appleye1

    appleye1 Active Member

    Jan 26, 2002
    Back From...
    Yeah, no telling what kind of microscopic creatures she has crawling around in her now. ....Shudder!.... :eek::(
  12. GoHalos

    GoHalos Registered User

    Aug 30, 2006
    OC, CA
    I was glad when it was down to the final two teams - I was rooting the entire episode for either one of them to be eliminated. Kent was extra annoying this week, but I'll take getting Ron out of the race.
  13. fmowry

    fmowry Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    Baltimore, MD
    The Cowboys are just lucky they've been teamed against other dumb teams. They've lucked out a few times after dumb moves this year. How long was Ron wandering around trying to find the clues?
  14. Bierboy

    Bierboy Seasoned gas passer

    Jun 12, 2004
    Fishers, IN
    How was that a "dumb flight choice"? They talked to a ticket agent, asked for the earliest flight to (wherever) and trusted they got it. What more should you do? Like one of them said, you trust that an agent is doing his/her job. Wasn't really their fault the agent screwed up, and the only thing you could do was go to others and ask (if you have the time). You wouldn't think that you would have to and none of the other teams checked with other agents to make sure they were getting the earliest possible flight. That was just bad luck...
  15. fmowry

    fmowry Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    Baltimore, MD
    A travel agent gives you the best flight time. The ticket office for a specific airline does not, assuming a quicker flight is available from a competitor. Why not go to a readily available departure terminal, self serve terminal, internet cafe, or travel agent?
  16. IJustLikeTivo

    IJustLikeTivo Active Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    If you go that route, then the rest were just as stupid. They went right to the Kingfisher airlines booth. Pure dumb luck. I'm just happy it wasn't a deciding factor here.
  17. ADG

    ADG Allan

    Aug 19, 2003
    New Jersey, USA
    I've been annoyed with Zev's continual complaints about not liking India & other countries (and there was another team that kept saying they hated China - primarily because many of the citizens couldn't understand English). If you don't want to visit different countries, don't go on the show! This is how other people live - we (Americans) don't need to denigrate them or their living conditions on a show like the Amazing Race. Nor should these teams expect people in those countries to speak English - I wonder how many languages the contestants speak. It just reinforces the whole "ugly American" image others have of us.

    Okay, end of rant.
  18. IJustLikeTivo

    IJustLikeTivo Active Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    You do know that he has Asperger's? For him to survive in that atmosphere is quite a feat. I'd cut him some slack. Besides, unlike some others ( we know who they are ) he complained about the noise mostly. Not the people.
  19. fmowry

    fmowry Well-Known Member

    Apr 30, 2002
    Baltimore, MD
    One group was on the internet, and another mentioned a travel agent. We certainly don't see enough footage to know if the other teams did more research on flights though we've seen it on previous seasons. We do know that the cowboys even said that they took the first guys word for it as "that's how they were raised." Quite a naive approach to world travel and/or Amazing Racing. I mean they even saw on the departure screen at the airport that there was an earlier flight, after they realized that no other teams were still around.
  20. laria

    laria Librocubicularist

    Sep 7, 2000
    Seacoast, NH
    It sounded to me like they were all on the same flight to Delhi, and it wasn't until there that they had different flights and saw the different departure board. So, I don't think they would have been able to tell that way that the agent gave them bad info while they were in Kolkata.

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