The Amazing Race 11/18/2007 *Spoilers of Course*

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  1. madscientist

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    Nov 12, 2003
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    I personally think that racism is such a serious charge that it shouldn't be alleged unless there is clear evidence, and this, to me, doesn't rise to that level. I have no trouble seeing these two saying virtually the same things in any extremely poor area of the world, regardless of the ethnicity of the people who live there.

    As you say, though, YMMV.
  2. Amnesia

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    Jan 30, 2005
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    I don't care what the group prefers. People want to use the term as an ethnic term to describe a person's race (like "Caucasian"); in particular, it's used to replace the term "black".

    I have a couple of issues with that idea. First of all, people want to use it only to describe people of African descent who have dark skin. (In other words, they don't want to use it to describe white South Africans or Arabic Egyptians.) Secondly (and by far more importantly), in order to use the term properly, you need to know both the person's heritage and their nationality.

    If I'm asked to describe a person who I don't know very well, I can tell his ethnicity, but I might not know if he's American, Canadian, British, etc. What am I supposed to say?
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    My reaction is the same as Ntombi's. With my only third world encounters being Mexico and slums of Rio de Janeiro.

    I have been trying to imagine them going through select towns in West Virginia or in select areas of the Balkins and the former Yugoslavia(frankly, I am not sure of the conditions in this area right now, but 15 years ago...) and I keep coming up with similar reactions from them.

    But I still do not think there can be an equal comparison of that scene they had and areas where Caucasians have the same type of poverty (please inform me otherwise). So, I can see where the thought process may go in this direction, right or wrong.

    We as humans seem to find ways to collect data to compare. Usually it comes down to the characteristics of those we encounter. I mean, the first thought of many when first seeing these ladies was probably close to some type of dumb blond joke. They may or may not be typical dumb blonds, but that is the first reaction. Same goes for skin color.
  4. Ntombi

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    Assuming you're talking about a person of African descent, call him black. It's not an insult, it's a description.

    I'm black. I am also now considered African American. I'm also of English, French, and Dutch heritage. Like most people of African descent who aren't African, I have a mixed ethnicity. But by looks, I'm black. No biggie.
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    for the record, I'm one of the people who was down on the Blondes...I did NOT think they were racist...I thought their disgust of the poor people was quite evident (their smell and the flies)...they had no sympathy for the poor and treated them as if those people CHOSE to be poor...they are rich b*tches, not racist...

    and Amnesia is correct, it's a running joke at my work by the black people I work with to call me a "true" African American since I am born Egyptian and became an American citizen :p
  6. Amnesia

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    Yes, that's exactly my point.
  7. MisterBubble

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    Exactly!!! I was sure when I saw that comment that people would be all over it. I guess it got trumped by the flies a few minutes later. And she didn't seem like she was totally joking either, perhaps a bit fearful??? :rolleyes:
  8. JLucPicard

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    I just figured they were joking about being sold, though the one did look a little scared, but I think that was more of a reaction to being lost in a foreign place. Main reason I figured they were joking? I had no idea how much a sound and/or camera man goes for on the black market! :)

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