The absolute WORST tech support call I've had: Josh from TiVo

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by SantaRosaCA, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. SantaRosaCA

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    Oct 8, 2007


    Josh, the delightful TiVo tech support representative, Monday 10/08/2007; ~6 p.m.

    delivered the absolute WORST service I have received from any company - ever. This guy simply refused to assist me in resolving a cable-card problem. I asked to be transfered to his supervisor and he said sure, it will be 15-20 minutes to speak to his supervisor, Albert. Then . . . he hung up on me. His tone was sarcastic, his voice overrode mine when I was trying to explain, and he simply didn't get off square one in resolving the problem. He was the biggest jerk I have encountered all year and - wait - I'M PAYING FOR THIS SERVICE!!!

    This is the service I got after waiting a week for my Comcast cable installer to get here with the cable cards, the Comcast guy stating that he wouldn't even install the cards due to the TiVo box requiring a specific Software version starting with 8.3.something.something. instead of the 8.1.something.something. The Comcast guy just told me that I'm S.O.L. and walked out without even attempting to install the cards. Kevin was the contractor's name from the delightful Comcast pool of contractors. What a shifless loser. Came in to punch his timecard and turned around without even making a fair attempt at it. No wonder he is a Comcast contractor. I suppose that attitude won't elevate his career much beyond that.
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    Bummer...about both customer service issues. :mad:

    The Comcast tech was wrong. There's no need for any TiVo upgrades to install cable cards in your new TiVo. He may have heard some horror stories about early TiVo HD cable card problems but they have been rectified. Sounds like he was late for a coffee break. We've had to hammer Comcast on a number of occasions to get them to do their job without excuses.

    In any case, call Comcast, complain and get them to roll the next truck back to your house. Tell them to send a tech that understands what he's doing...and that you shouldn't have to pay for them to come back.

    FWIW your TiVo will soon receive v9.1 of the firmware (if it hasn’t already – you can check under Account Settings) as v8.3x is no longer being delivered.

    And FWIW we've always had a pleasant TiVo CSR help us. They didn't always know everything but were pretty good about getting things taken care of. I try to keep a positive attitude when dealing with them on the rare occasion that I've called (many more calls to Comcast!)...the old axiom about getting better results with honey than vinegar and all of that. Hopefully one bad apple won't spoil your future TiVo experience.

    Hang in there, things should work out.

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